Ashley Brooke Favorite Halloween Treat |

The perfect trick & treat!

I’m so excited for Halloween tomorrow! Our neighborhood is always fun on Halloween night. No matter how much candy I buy the swarms of masked candy-seeking kids make sure we ALWAYS run out. I even went to Sam’s last year and bought about $80 worth of candy, but sure enough, a couple hours in we were O-U-T. So this year we doubled our stash and invited our besties over for a night of chili and pumpkin beer on the porch.

This morning Ryan and I were talking about all the things we needed to do before tomorrow night and when I ran through the menu over breakfast this morning he asked if I could add on two very specific things, the first one being Dirt Cups “you know the ones with the worms” (he said for the kids…right!). And the second being festive cocktail!

I told him I could make both of those Halloween wishes happen.


Ashley Brooke Favorite Halloween Treat |


Alongside the chili, dirt cups, and copious amounts of candy I will also be whipping up a big batch of these yummy pumpkin coffee floats! If you haven’t had a coffee float then you don’t know what you are missing… and if you haven’t had a SPIKED coffee float then you haven’t lived!! Oh my gosh there isn’t anything in this world better. Add a little Jackson Morgan Southern Cream and pumpkin ice cream (or vanilla, it goes with everything) to your coffee and you have a treat worth serving! 

If you are looking for the perfect treat to serve on Halloween night, look no further! It’s not exactly spooky, but it is spiked!


Ashley Brooke Favorite Halloween Treat |


Spiked Pumpkin & Coffee Floats

  1. 1 Scoop of Pumpkin Ice Cream
  2. 1 Cup of Hot Coffee
  3. Splash of Jackson Morgan Cream
  4. Whipped Cream for Topping
The easiest pumpkin treat you’ll ever make! If you don’t have pumpkin ice cream, use vanilla, it goes with everything!

In Partnership with Jackson Morgan

Photographed by: Dani Nichol Photography 


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