Sporty Swim
Sporty Swim

Bikini Top // Bottoms // Bag // Sarong // Sunglasses // Beach Sweater

Sporty Swim

Into Th 90’s Vibe

This is the year of the swimsuits for me! Some years we won’t make it out to the beach even once, but this year, I feel like we are either at the beach or in the pool almost every weekend, and to be honest I’m living for it. Why not totally take advantage of having more fun in the sun (with SPF 100 on! ;))? I recently just scooped up this suit (currently on SALE!), and I’m so into the 90’s vibe and am OBSESSED with the top.

A few weeks ago I posted the latte colored one piece I recently picked up, but y’all this green one is just so good. I also think this suit would be really great if you are running around the beach or pool chasing little ones… it’s full coverage but still really cute and flirty.

J.Crew Sporty Swim Suit
J.Crew Scoopneck Sporty Swim

The top is definitely my favorite. I find myself reaching for it again and again. Plus, I just love pulling on a pair of linen shorts over the bottoms and heading out to the beach! Feels kind of sporty, and I’m here for it!

green scoopneck top
J.crew scoopneck top

Also, can I just say, I am so into the sarong this year. I’ve been totally collecting them! Not only are they so fun to wear and make you feel fancy, but they make great little impromptu picnic blankets and wraps when it’s chilly in a restaurant. I have really loved wearing them this year! I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get on the sarong train.

Photos by: Dani Nichol


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