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Let’s Get Cooking

I love to be in the kitchen, and honestly I don’t really need an excuse to whip up a treat… to me it’s incredibly relaxing and I love the creativity of the whole experience. Plus I love testing out recipes and trying to find ways to make them gluten/dairy free but still taste great! It’s like chemistry class but *SO* much more fun.

A few weeks ago I picked up this adorable cookie cutter. I couldn’t pass it up and texted my sister to say, “we have our inspiration for our next baking day!” Which got me thinking… what else could we possibly need? Pastel colored muffin wrappers? Spring colored sprinkles? Pretty pink dish towels?!! The options are endless! So after doing a little online shopping of my own, I thought it would be great to share my Spring baking finds with you.

Next up on my list, daisy shaped cut-out sugar cookies… what’s next on your list?!


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