Spring Break Ready

Grab your SPF, it’s TIME.

Florida has become more of a hot spot now more than EVER. And it feels like we are living in a perpetual Spring Break here! The hotels are B-O-O-K-E-D and the resorts are busy… and I’m not even sure Spring Break has started yet. Last week while I was in Palm Beach the energy had the place buzzing and it’s honestly fun to see Florida having a real moment!

But whether you are Spring Breaking here, somewhere else, or doing (my personal favorite) a staycation, below are a handful of things that will get you in the MOOD for Spring! I had so much fun putting together this list… feels like happy eye candy to me! 🙂 And I will say that most things I already own, so I used my own closet as inspiration, especially since we are going on a mini beach baby moon tomorrow… I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that this is my personal packing list. Ha!

Regardless, I hope you find some inspiration for your own adventure this sunny season.

Collage of Spring Break Fashion Items Curated byAshley Brooke

Striped Towels * // Beach Read * // Umbrella * // Floral One Piece* // Insulated Coffee Mug * // Striped Pajama Set // Slippers // Sunglasses * // Hat * // Flower Earrings // Sweatshirt // Striped Green Button Down // Floral Two Piece // White Dress * // Denim Shorts * // Tote Bag // Pearl Handbag * // Birkencrocs* // Hair Ties * // Tassel Sandals

* Items I own & LOVE!

I wanted to call out a few of my favorites and I clearly won’t do them *all* because there are genuinely so many, but this suit is GOOD. It’s definitely a splurge (in my opinion) on a swimsuit, but I get it now. I sized up to fit my bump, and gosh, I love it so much. Also, this dress is FANTASTIC. I have it in yellow/white and I’ve worn it, no lie, 4 times since I got it.

Last year for my birthday my parents gifted me this beach umbrella and after years and years of cheap umbrellas this one has CHANGED my beach experience. It’s so well made, beautiful, and hassle free. Also, how is it possible that I don’t already own this sweatshirt?!!!! It was made for me. And, is there anything better than a baggy sweatshirt after a day in the sun?!

These are by far my favorite sun hats, and they go with everything. Oh! And I wear these shoes and these sunglasses every. single. day. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. I’m the BIGGEST Birkencroc fan of all time. They are my dedicated “house” shoe. ha!

… I could keep going, but I’ll stop there. Trust me, it’s all good.

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