Spring Dress Look Collage on Ashley Brooke Designs

left to right:

Tuckernuck Sunglasses $24 // Anthropologie Headband $18 // Tuckernuck Sunglasses $99 // H&M dress $35 // J.Crew Earrings $45 // Madewell Dress $98 // Etsy Tote $35 // L’Oreal Matte Lipstick $11 // Tuckernuck Tote $372 // Steve Madden Sandals $99 // Tuckernuck Sandals $176

Spring Dress

Same Look, 2 Price Points!

I’m back with another edition of Same Look, 2 Price Points! A few weeks ago I did this with a Lululemon workout look (you can see here!) and everyone seemed to like. So many of you reached out asking for more – and your wish is my command!

Today I’m sharing something that may inspire you for SPRING! This weekend I popped into our H&M and walked out with three (yes THREE!) dresses. I live for easy to wear dresses and I was BLOWN away by H&M’s selection, so I thought I’d put together a look with one of my favorites!

The Look…

I thought this dress looked so expensive (but only $35!) and would be fun to anchor the overall look. I found a similar one at Madewell for $99, which I still think is really good… but y’all on Shopbop I found similar ones for upwards of $495. So it’s a real look for a STEAL! Paired with my favorite pair of $24 sunnies, this $18 headband, and my go-to $11 matte lipstick of the moment, and you have a look!

But I will say if you are going to do a major splurge on one thing, make it this tote. I have it and absolutely love it! Either way, I hope you love browsing the options below and let me know what you go with!

High Price Point

Madewell Dress $98 // Tuckernuck Tote $372 // Tuckernuck Sandals $176

Low Price Point

Tuckernuck Sunglasses $24 // Anthropologie Headband $18 // H&M dress $35 // J.Crew Earrings $45 // // Etsy Tote $35 // L’Oreal Matte Lipstick $11 // Steve Madden Sandals $99


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