Blogger Ashley Brooke shares five ways to DIY spring arrangements! |

Is there anything prettier than spring flowers?

Let’s get serious, we’re all about this thing called spring because the prettiest flowers are in season! We already spilled all of the secrets about our favorite place to buy flowers in Orlando, but we currently can’t help but leave the grocery store with a new bouquet every time we go. Some may call it a problem, but #cantstopwontstop. 

With some serious inspiration at our fingertips (and so much more on Pinterest!), we thought we would share our top ways to win all of the awards with flower arrangements this spring. Our five favorites are below, and you can whip up one of these DIYs in no time! Let’s get to it.

A few tips:

  1. Always take the leaves off of the stems when you first arrive home. If you leave the leaves on, they will be watered before the actual flowers. 
  2. A pair of gardening shears is literally the best thing ever.
  3. Always cut your stems on a diagonal. It allows your flowers to last longer because more water can reach them!


Blogger Ashley Brooke shares five ways to DIY spring arrangements! |



How fun do these flowers look in a pineapple?! We’re obsessed! All of your girlfriends are going to be talking about this centerpiece the next time you get together for book club, brunch, or a night of girl talk. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Purchase a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store
  2. Place your flowers in water until just before your guests arrive
  3. Scoop out your pineapple
  4. Add flowers (no water!)


Blogger Ashley Brooke shares five ways to DIY spring arrangements! |


Paper Wrapped Bouquet

One of our most used bouquet tricks: wrapping tissue paper (this and this are so cute!) or kraft paper around a bouquet! It’s one of the easiest way to make your blooms look extra fancy, and it’s super simple. Here you go:

  1. Purchase a variety of blooms (we love to mix and match!)
  2. Take off the leaves, and cut the stems on a diagonal
  3. Piece together your bouquet (you really can’t go wrong!)
  4. Wrap a rubber band or hair tie around your bouquet (this will keep it together!)
  5. Wrap kraft paper or tissue paper around your bouquet and tie with ribbon


Blogger Ashley Brooke shares five ways to DIY spring arrangements! |


Flower Backdrop

Meet the best backdrop for any bridal or baby shower or even just brunch! Seriously, how cute would this be behind a cake or even as a photo booth backdrop? Give it to us! Here’s how to make it:

  1. Purchase hearty flowers ““ roses and carnations are your best bet!
  2. Pick up washi tape (this, this, or this will look so pretty!)
  3. Cut off the stems, but make sure to leave enough left so you can tape the flower to the wall.
  4. Tape your flowers to the wall in rows


Blogger Ashley Brooke shares five ways to DIY spring arrangements! |


Paper Bag Bouquet:

This has all of the rustic vibes, and it’s definitely BBQ ready! It’s also perfect to gift to a hostess because you can pop this in your car. Here’s all of the secrets:

  1. Make your own bouquet or purchase a pre-made option
  2. Place a mason jar inside a paper bag (a lunch bag will do!) and wrap twine or ribbon around it to make sure everything stays put.
  3. Fill your mason jar with water (not too high if your flowers need to go in a car!)
  4. Add your flowers
  5. Make your hostess’s day!


Blogger Ashley Brooke shares five ways to DIY spring arrangements! |


The BIGGEST Spring Bouquet:

Go big or go home, right?! That’s how we roll with bouquets. We love adding flowers to vases just like this clear one. But, you can also think outside of the vase box ““ pitchers, water bottles, mugs, or even Hunter boots work well too. Here’s how to make this bouquet:

  1. Purchase a variety of blooms ““ think: statement flower (peonies!), secondary flower (roses!), filler (hydrangeas, carnations), and greenery
  2. Group your flowers by type when you get home.
  3. Take one of each flower and add some greenery to make a mini bouquet. Turn your arrangement and add one of each again. Keep going until you run out!
  4. Once your bouquet is complete, cut down your stems. Make sure to cut on a diagonal!
  5. Add water to your vase, place your blooms inside, and ENJOY!

Now we really need to know: which one is your favorite? If you make one of these arrangements, make sure to tag us on Instagram with #iloveABD! We can’t wait to see!

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