Ashley Brooke Deisgns - Sprinkle Rimmed Mug 2


Everything’s Better with Sprinkles. 

Let’s be real, it’s a fact that everything is legitimately better with sprinkles… it just is! So I’ve started a new tradition. On mornings where I feel like I need a full gallon of coffee to even THINK about starting my day, I will instead get out of bed, put my big girl pants on, and rim my coffee cup with sprinkles and get on with it! I pinky promise sprinkle rimmed coffee is magic. It will make every morning feel like your birthday, and there ain’t NOTHING wrong with that! Friends, if you haven’t rimmed your coffee with sprinkles you need to, today.  


Ashley Brooke Deisgns - Sprinkle Rimmed Mug 1


All you need is a little bit of honey, sprinkles (I like nonpareils the best!), your favorite coffee mug, and you are ready! All I do is dab a bit of honey around the rim of the cup, and swirl the cup upside-down on a plate of sprinkles! It’s literally the easiest pick-me-up of all time! Also, it’s just plain C-U-T-E.


You’ll have to try this out and tag me! I’d love to see your party coffee! 


Ashley Brooke Deisgns - Sprinkle Rimmed Mug






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