I came across this blog that had such a fantastic post on “Starbucks Etiquette”

I love this for many reasons..
1. My sister works at Starbucks so I get the inside scoop, which is hilarious!
2. I am one of those people who needs their coffee in the morning and can’t handle standing behind someone who cannot figure out how to order their coffee.
3. We have all witnessed these etiquette no’s happen in a Starbuck whether we were in an airport, mall, drive though, standalone, or kieosk.

1. Don’t say I want a “medium, large or small”

These don’t exist! In order to a total starbucks snob you must be able to use the proper sizes “tall, grande, venti” or if you wanna be really cool…. order a “short” it’s on the hidden menu and it’s one size smaller than a tall. It’s not advertised and you will look cool in front of your friends (except for the fact that the cup is like a babie’s sippy cup.. other than that it sounds cool)

2. Expect to wait for a couple of minutes on your coffee

The coolest coffee drinkers understand this… your not in a rush.. go peruse the “pro shop” or look @ the cds that your not gonna buy BUT DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF THE PICKUP COUNTER! There is nothing more newbie that to see someone posted up @ the pickup counter w/ his/her hands using the counter as a table to eat his muffin! You look like a NEWB!!! All us trained ‘pros” are standing behind you laughing at you.

3. Know how to order your coffee and make it phrased as long as possible:

Practice saying things like: “I want a grande, half calf, extra hot, vanilla non fat latte w/ citra added and an energy boost an extra shot red eye style” things like that make you seem really cool.

(Via: Kj52)


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