Easy Summer Crafts For Kids

The best activities to beat the heat…

I think I could have been an elementary school art teacher, I LIVE for a craft, especially a kids craft. They are just simple, fun, and impossible to mess up! Laurens isn’t quite there age wise for some of the more involved crafts obviously, but I will say, finger painting is a BIG hit around here. He gets the biggest kick out of it and when he’s done with his masterpiece, I just hose him off in the grass. It’s a good time all around!

I’m always saving kids craft ideas, so I thought it would be fun to round up a few of my favorites here in case you too are looking for activities that don’t involve the HEAT.

Also, drop your links or ideas below in the comment section if you have any! I know we could all use them… and of course, I’m always pinning if you need more!

Crafts For Kids

Fun & Easy Summer Crafts For Kids

Rainbow Collage

Art Bar

I couldn’t get over how cute this little cardboard collage craft is! Collect any and all bits of colors from around the house and glue away. Would be such a fun sunshine-y craft on a rainy day.

More Here

Embroidery Crafts


I love a good embroidery craft and these templates are amazing and mesmerizing! Love the idea of making a whole day out of it, hunting for the perfect piece at Goodwill and then giving it new life!

More Here

Toilet Paper Roll Cars

a little pinch of perfect

OMG. I am 1000% doing this with Laurens, he is obsessed with cars, OBSESSED and I love the idea of making our own. Truly brilliant!

More Here

Daisy Beaded Bracelets

Honestly WTF

I keep this craft in anytime we do a round up! It’s just my favorite and would be so fun to do with your favorite teens! (Just takes a little thinking ahead for supplies, but would be great to host a little summer get-together to make these!)

More Here

Homemade Cards

Super Make It!

I’ve had this saved for a while now, it’s just so sweet! I love the idea of a homemade card and then sending it out to someone special! These are just so fun and thoughtful.

More Here

Dandelion Threading

Inspire My Play

HOW. FUN. I love this idea, so much! Lions are obvious, but you could do it with so many fun animals! Leftover Amazon boxes plus flowers… I’m here for it!

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