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Scarves are everywhere right now and for good reason. They’re fun and such an easy way to jazz up a look! I’ve been a lover of silk scarves for as long as I can remember and I came by it honestly. My great-grandmother had a collection like you wouldn’t believe.  I even have one of her special pieces (seen here). And my grandma Betty never leaves the house without a scarf, like ever. So I was bound to fall into the trend head first!



J.McLaughlin Basket Bag c/o // Sweet & Spark Top & Scarf c/o // Warby Parker Sunnies  // Ann Taylor Denim



I love the Versatility of Scarves

One of my favorite things about scarves is how versatile they are. You can tie them in your hair, on your handbag, or around your neck. My personal favorite is tied on a handbag! I tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to bags and will use the same one over and over again until the season changes… so a scarf is an easy way to change up the style without relocating my 13 lipsticks, 2 packs of gum, phone charger, and 75 Bobbi pins to another bag! It’s an easy update without all the effort… 😉



Shopping for Vintage Accessories

When Ryan and I were in Paris a few years ago we fell in love with hunting for scarves (proof: framing our Hermes scarf!) so when my girlfriend, Jillian, from Sweet and Spark told me she was launching her vintage scarf collection I said: “SIGN ME UP”! No longer am I searching vintage sites looking for scarves not knowing if they are actually in good condition because, let’s be real, you never know.  Now I just go to Sweet & Spark! I trust Jillian and her eye for the perfect vintage piece is sharp.  Plus, she always has THE best stuff! I mean honestly, just look at this one, gorgeous right?! I know, I’m obsessed too.



So if you are looking for the perfect top, dress, or earrings to go along with your new scarf, Jillian has you covered! Her online shop is a little slice of vintage heaven. You’ll have to hop on over and let me know what you think.  If you try out the scarf trend, I want to hear how you liked it! I have a feeling you’ll be just as hooked!


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J.McLaughlin Basket Bag c/o // Sweet & Spark Top & Scarf c/o // Warby Parker Sunnies  // Ann Taylor Denim





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