The Under $15 Accessory You Need This Summer

Honestly I’m never without a TELETIES clip…

You’ve heard me talk about TELETIES for years (and years!) as I introduced you to the original coil hair ties back in 2017 and quite frankly, I haven’t been able to stop talking about them since. I’ve been wearing the hair ties almost daily since I got my hands on their first prototype, which feels like a million years ago. I am their biggest fan, so today feels super special because the new Open Claw Clip has arrived (!!!) and it’s better than I could have imagined. 

When TELETIES launched their original clip I couldn’t get it into my hair fast enough. As a new mom wanting to feel pulled together (but not having more than three minutes to myself!), the TELETIE Classic clip became my go-to. There was just something about pulling my hair up in a clip that felt so much more elevated than a messy bun and I’ve been hooked ever since.

teleties clip

morning routine in the open almond beige medium clip

I’ve found I can have a great blowout and easily twist my hair into the TELETIE clip for a few hours, take it out and my blowout is still perfect! This is such a bonus for the days I need to be pulled together for work but also as a mom that needs her hair out of the way of sticky baby hands (see here!). Truly no two days look the same for me right now.

daily sunshine walks in the open almond beige medium clip

So much of my days are a mish-mash of writing, playing outside with Laurens, photographing images for the blog, editing during naps, and cooking meals for us all, going on long walks, snuggling and reading (our favorite baby books here!), and trying to stay organized with it all… that some days feel like we are really winning and others, well, we do our best! I joke that this TELETIE clip is my “emotional support clip” because it’s there with me every step of the way.

teleties clip

at my desk in the open blonde tortoise medium clip

So when I heard about the launch of their new open-style clip I was thrilled because I’m obviously obsessed with their products! They are definitely the hair accessories I reach for the most, so I was super excited to add another style clip to my rotation.

The TELETIE clips are made out of an innovative material making them nearly unbreakable. The spring in the clip is hidden so you aren’t pulling your hair out when you remove the clip. It works on all hair types and has such a strong hold that I can actually go for a run in it and my hair will stay put. It’s insane! And so good. And the new Open Hair Clip has the same benefits and features as the Classic, but with an open design that allows your hair to peek through. I absolutely love it. 

teleties clip

bath time in the open blonde tortoise medium clip

Just like the Classic Clip, the Open Hair Clip comes in three sizes: large (best for thick hair), medium (best for medium to thick hair… this is the one I use daily!), and tiny (best for half-up hairstyles or kids’ hair). The clip comes in a beautiful array of colors, but I’m partial to the almond and the classic tortoise because they never go out of style. 

teleties clip
teleties clip

dinner for two in the open coconut white tiny hair clip

At just under $15 for the large clip and under $10 for the mini, they make great gifts for family, teachers, and friends! But trust me, when ordering make sure you treat yourself to a few. They will *quickly* become an around-the-clock favorite!

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