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ABD Gift Guide #02- For Your Bestie Who Has Everything

This. Coat. Oh my gosh, friends, this coat is the best thing that has happened to me this holiday season! A few weeks ago I was introduced to Ellie Kai, and if you haven’t heard about this brand yet, you need to listen up! You can literally make your own clothes. You, no lie, can customize dresses, tops, sweaters, you name it… it can be done! I have a really beautiful dress that I got from Ellie Kai that I can’t WAIT to wear this holiday season, but this, THIS COAT, is everything.


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Honestly I live in Florida, so I have like one coat that I got from the juniors section of Nordstrom in 2006 for $65.00. (Everybody now, “Lemme upgrade ya!”) It’s black and it’s the only one I have. I know, silly. But it is really hard to buy coats when you live in Florida, knowing that they will just sit in your closet! Until I saw this one. Francesca who is on #iloveteamABD talked me into ordering this hot pink coat, and I could kiss her I am so glad that I did! I have already worn it twice this season (once to the Draper James store opening party with THIS dress!) and have received buckets of compliments on it! It’s such a classic piece, and it stands out, which I love! When you leave a party and people can say, “Who was that girl in the pink coat?!” I feel like that is a job well done! 

Also, just look at it. It’s so pretty I can’t stand it! You need this coat, your bestie needs this coat, your sister needs this coat. OMG, buy the coat. Can you even imagine the look of elation on your friend’s face when she finds out #1. This coat was custom made for her (hashtag WINNING), and #2. she actually SEES a hot pink coat all wrapped in a bow. I’m not saying it will elevate your bestie status, but I’m not saying it won’t. We’re talking record books here, friends. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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Gift Guide 2- Ashley Brooke Designs


Don’t miss out! I’m sharing the inside scoop on all my fave gifts for the season with #ABDGiftGuide & it is the ULTIMATE to-buy list.


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