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Vineyard Vines Pullover, Leggings, & White Shirt (not see-through!) c/o // Apple Watch

Let’s Get Moving

This time last year Ryan and I were really getting in a groove with a personal trainer at our local gym. We were going over our lunch break a few times a week, and really, it was fun! But I will say, I’m one who likes to change up my workout routine every few months. Last Spring, when going to the gym was no longer an option, I went on the hunt for a new workout routine.

I actually wrote a post on my three favorite at home fitness apps here a few months ago, but I discovered Melissa Wood Health’s Pilates app shortly after and it is the one that stuck for me. I *love* her workouts and truly feel the burn in my whole body. I’ve been doing them exclusively since early Summer and I can’t say enough good things about them.

Ashley Brooke in workout gear talking about her home gym accessories
Ashley Brooke in Vineyard Vines workout gear

You truly can workout at home with zero equipment, but over the past few months I’ve found a few things that have made working out at home feel more intentional and legitimate, you know?!

Because just like workout clothes that feel good (I am obsessed with this lightweight pullover!), having the right equipment really does set you up for success!

At-Home Workout Essentials

Okay, so these wrist/ankle weights look like nothing, BUT WOW. The burn is REAL.
Order Here
This little iPad stand has been a game changer! I use every day! Order Here
The best hair tie for workouts! Plus, they are just plain CUTE.
Order Here
My go-to water bottles! I love these and have them in all the sizes.
Order Here
This ball looks harmless, but, NOPE! You will definitely feel the burn. Order Here
Not all yoga mats are created equal, I learned that the hard way!
Order Here

Do you have any favorites?!


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  1. This post really helps me a lot in selecting my gym equipment, because many times it may lead to severe injury also due to imperfect weight lifting. But your post helps me a lot in doing weight training because propper & good equipment lead to healthy & faster results.

  2. Have you tried Reformer Pilates? Not sure if your area have Pilate studios or even open. I am 66 years old. I have been doing Reformer Pilates for 3 years. Results amazing and I love it. I attend classes 4X times a week, May want to give it a tree. It is totally different than mat Pilates. Quicker and better results with the Reformer if you do it on a regular basis.

  3. I started Melissa Wood Health a few weeks ago, and boy it is a workout! It looks easy, but you can feel it later, and I haven’t even started with weights yet. I need those Bala weights! Thanks for the roundup.

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