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Worth More Than I Paid For it

This is one of those weird late night Amazon purchases that genuinely changes your life. Ha! A few weeks ago I was reading in bed thinking, “gosh, I wish I had a book light!” I like to get faaaaar too cozy when I read in bed and often fall asleep mid-page. So the whole getting un-situated to turn off the light is, well, not ideal. And the thought of being able to just switch off a book light and fall right to sleep sounded like heaven.

I’ve used book lights for years, and growing up I always had one. So after searching ALL the drawers in our house and coming up empty handed I decided it was time to make the investment and order myself a new book light.

The Best Under $20 Book Light

I did copious amounts of research on book lights and read review after review before I landed on this one, and I have to tell you, IT’S GOOD. It has 9 brightness modes in each of it’s “warmth” settings (warm or white light). Plus, the two lights are adjustable and light BOTH pages really well. I honestly LOVE it.

When I placed my order I was stalking the postman daily waiting for it to come in. I haven’t been this excited about a purchase in a long time, but it truly has not let me down. I use this book light it nightly and can’t say enough good things about it! Trust me, you will love it too!

P.S. Here’s another $19 Amazon game changing purchase I made this year.

P.P.S. Did you know I have an Amazon shop?! All my favorite goodies linked here!


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