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We are a game family. There’s truly nothing better than playing boardgames with your nearest and dearest in your Christmas PJs while the fire is going and the hot cocoa is spiked! Playing games is definitely one of the best ways to make memories AND get the entire family involved.

Below are a few of our favorite games to play with family… so hopefully you can stock up on a few before you head out of town for the holidays!

6 Fun Games To Play This Holiday Season

Giant Playing Cards

Over Thanksgiving weekend I posted an instagram story of our family playing a classic game of spoons with GIANT playing cards and a bunch of wooden spoons from the kitchen. I must have received a 100 DMs asking what we were playing! Honestly, I had to laugh, because it was just spoons… but it was actually a lot more fun with giant playing cards and big spoons. I’d highly recommend getting a deck!

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Call me crazy, but I LOVE Dominos! Mexican Train is a family favorite and it’s a game anyone in the family can play. And for some reason the clinking sound is just so soothing to me. ha! I don’t know what it is. Either way, dominos are a must!

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Okay, so this is Ryan and his brothers’ FAVORITE board game. I’ve actually never played because they get so intense when they are together playing that the rest of us kind of just watch from afar. But one of these days I’m going to learn how! And truthfully, I love eating popcorn and watching the boys duke it out over “trading sheep for wheat”! haha!

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I love this game because you can play it with two people or a group! It’s so much fun… even if I NEVER win. I’m always up for a game of Yahtzee!

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Puzzles are the most underrated game of them all. I LOVE A PUZZLE. Ryan’s family has a puzzle table that is always out and I think it’s so much fun. Plus, if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the family… the puzzle table is always welcoming. ha! No, but seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve stayed up until 3 a.m. finishing up a puzzle!

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Heads Up / Hedbanz

Who doesn’t love a good game of “Heads Up“?!… It’s always a good time! This year I came across a game called “Headbanz” and it looks so fun. I love that they have a family version and an adult version! And I really love the idea of a game that doesn’t use your phone! 😉

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  1. Just ordered the giant cards and spoons! Can’t wait to have these for Christmas with our family (and holidays to come!).

  2. Catan is the BEST game ever!!! I first played it in college, and then I was obsessed, and got my fam into it!! You should learn how to play!!

    xx Libby

  3. Such a fun post Ashley! Growing up we were a family that loved board games, cards and puzzles! We always had a table out with a puzzle on it. We played Monopoly for hours, Scrabble, Dominoes and isn’t Mexican Train the best?! So much fun! I love those giant playing cards and am going to order a few of those for Christmas gifts!

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