The Best Jasmine Scented Candles

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The Best Jasmine Scented Candles

Our neighborhood is in FULL bloom, and there is jasmine everywhere. I am *so* bummed that we didn’t plant any last year. I know we were busy with the kitchen and everything, but WHAT WERE WE THINKING? This time every year I keep the windows open to smell our neighbor’s jasmine because it is actual heaven. I know not everyone loves the smell of jasmine, but I absolutely love it.

Plus by the time our jasmine blooms, the pollen has finally started to subside, so it’s actually really lovely to spend our days outside and soak up the last bit of spring weather (without needing a box of tissues) before the endless summer starts to settle in.

But on Monday night, Ryan and I poured our wine into to-go cups and walked to dinner, and every few houses we passed, I would pop into a yard to sniff the bushes and by like the fifth house he was like, “I think maybe it’s time we get you a jasmine scented candle.” Ha! To which I replied, “BRILLIANT!” I’ll still want jasmine in my yard… and he agreed!

Anyway, that sent me down a jasmine candle rabbit hole, and I honestly got a little lost. So last night I took to Instagram stories and asked you, and as always, y’all DELIVERED. I rounded up the top Jasmine scented candles recommended by you! Also, I ordered two of these since they were the most recommended… and I’m already stalking our mailman.

If you are like me and are currently in jasmine heaven, but want to stay that way all year round, then this post is for you!


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