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Okay, in full disclosure I feel like I’m WAY behind this year. Like SO FAR behind. I know I’m not in all reality, but to me, it kind of feels like it. As of yesterday I had purchased two gifts, TWO. And both are only part of the gift. I also ordered our Christmas cards yesterday morning in a flurry… Something that I usually have done by November. It’s crazy to me that there is only 21 days till Christmas. Where has all the time gone?? It’s mind boggling.

Truly I’m not all that worried about it. I’m grateful for the opportunity to buy gifts, I’m grateful I have people in my life I want to spoil, and it will ALL get done. The key to enjoying the season is to actually ENJOY IT… and not live and die by the list, which is a daily battle. I love a list, tbh.

Anyway, late last night I started my 2020 gift spread sheet (more on that here) and started to really think through everyone on my list! I have a few stand out items that I’ve had my eye on for certain people so those were easy to just fill in quickly! And honestly a handful of projects I’ve done with brands this season really are on the top of my gift list like this silhouette print (starting at $52) and these birthstone bracelets (use the code: ASHLEYB15 for 15% off). But also these adorable puzzles and these cozy slippers! All four I’m definitely gifting this season. I’ve been referencing my gift guides too and filling in ideas for everyone… I’ll get there!

Well, to be honest this post seems random. But I’d love to know where y’all are at! Have you bought gifts? Are you gifting this year? How many Christmas movies have you watched? What’s the status on your holiday cards? Give me the update!!


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  1. I feel behind in gifts too!!! I started an ETSY shop this year and that has taken more of my time and I went away to Georgia for Thanksgiving. Usually I am 100% done by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now I am like…oh gosh, I hope this arrives before Christmas (and I haven’t even ordered it ahhah!). I am going to the Millenia mall this weekend with my mom to browse Anthropologie and *hopefully* get gifts for my sister, Dad and BFF! I feel in the same boat though, it’s not like I am not enjoying the season but sort of like…what happened. How is it Dec 8!


  2. All my shopping is done! Just need to wrap it! I’ve watched too many Christmas movies to count We decorated this past Monday and we are enjoying the lights every night!!

  3. I am basically finished shopping, just one big thing and a couple of smaller things to pick up. Outdoor decor was up the day after Thanksgiving, and the tree and indoor decor happened the following 2 days! I did watch Four Christmases the other night, and a Hallmark movie! In other exciting news, I am getting a new bathroom floor Dec 15 (we have been on the schedule since September!).

  4. Hi Ashley, I have a dozen more cards to do. I do a few each morning & then put them in the mail, I’ve watched probably a dozen Christmas movies as well. I put my tree up the week before Thanksgiving and I just enjoy it every night. I’m reading One Day in December & almost done. Shopping will begin soon. I’m still looking for a nice breakfast for two on Christmas morning that is nourishing.

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