Vineyard Vines c/o Jacket, Top, Denim, Earrings // Cuyana Tote // Tuckernuck Shoes

Is It Spring?!

It’s that awkward time of year where you just really aren’t sure which season you should be dressing for. It’s still a little chilly in the South some days, and up North it’s a frozen tundra… but it’s kind of Spring, almost, so are we still wearing all black since it’s technically still Winter?! I honestly have no idea. And when you live in Florida, there are, like, zero rules.


Let’s be real, we were doing the fanny pack LONG before it was cool, and we’ll be doing it long after the fashion houses stop making them. So since I live in a fashion/seasonal vortex and completely detached from reality, I kind of just go with the what feels right, and this jacket FEELS RIGHT. Oh my gosh, you guys, this pretty little jacket is my new obsession! It’s light but cozy, and oh-so-chic! You can dress it down with denim, or up with a pair of cream slacks or even toss it on over a pretty little shift dress. The options are endless.


Let’s talk fabric… It’s not too stuffy, and it’s super comfortable, like, you have full range of motion comfortable, which can’t be said for most jackets. If you’re like me, you will live in this thing! It’s the perfect “is it Spring yet?!” jacket, and I promise you will fall in love as soon as you try it on.

(Note, I’m wearing a size XS and was able to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath comfortably!) 


Oh, also, I cannot wrap up this post without pointing out these fabulous earrings. Quite frankly, they go with everything and the under $40 price point makes them a no-brainer. 

Ah! And one more thing! THE SHOES. I’ve gushed about these before (proof) but they are currently my most comfortable closed toed shoes besides these sneakers. I wear them practically every chance I get! 

Okay, phew! I think that’s it. Long winded post?! Yes…. but I think we can all agree that you absolutely needed all of that information! 😉 


Vineyard Vines c/o Jacket, Top, Denim, Earrings // Cuyana Tote // Tuckernuck Shoes


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