Small Space Vanity Set Up |

A Major Vanity Upgrade

I’ve wanted a vanity ever since I was a little girl. Growing up I turned the desk in my bedroom into a makeshift vanity because, quite frankly, I was putting on more makeup than I was studying, ha! So when Ryan and I started dreaming up our perfect bedroom the one thing I asked for was a proper vanity setup.


Walmart c/o: Desk (sold out, similar here & here) // Stool // Mirror (sold out, similar here) // Lamps // Lamp Shades

Small Space Vanity Set Up |

Everything I needed in One place!

After flipping through Pinterest for a bit of inspiration I decided simple was best. I knew I didn’t want a vanity that came with a mirror attached.  I wanted a more custom look. So once I felt sufficiently inspired, I started perusing Walmart’s newly redesigned home category online to hunt for treasures.

After about an hour I had just about found everything I was looking for and for a price that was actually doable! I loaded my cart up, I did a few “double checking” measurements and checked out!

Small Space Vanity Set Up |
Small Space Vanity Set Up |

Just a few days later everything arrived and my excitement level was at 100. Before this little set up I’d been doing my makeup on the floor by my dresser and in front of a floor length mirror, for years! It definitely “worked” but it has been less than optimal, not to mention uncomfortable. So after all that time crouched in the dimly lit space between the dresser and the door, I can say this is a MAJOR upgrade.

Small Space Vanity Set Up |

The Vanity Details

I love the way it came together. Very feminine, classic, and with a touch of neotraditional. It’s not over the top “girly” and it’s the absolute perfect space for me. The lamps make it warm and cozy, the stool is the perfect height, and the desk’s little lucite details completely make the space!

Small Space Vanity Set Up |

Why Didn’t I Do this Sooner??

Like all of our house projects, they seem so big and intimidating until we actually get in there and start working on them. Then as soon as they are done we kick ourselves for not doing it sooner. Just think, I could have been sitting on a stool instead of on the floor for the past 6 years. But who knew it was going to be THIS easy and honestly, really affordable.

Small Space Vanity Set Up |

Do yourself a favor and pick one of those smaller house projects you’ve been dying to tackle for years, gather a little inspiration and head on over to and see what you can find! You might be surprised with how affordable and easy that “intimidating” project actually is. Take it from someone who has learned her lesson 1,000 times over!


Walmart c/o: Desk (sold out, similar here & here) // Stool // Mirror (sold out, similar here) // Lamps // Lamp Shades

Small Space Vanity Set Up |

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  1. I love having a vanity. I got an antique, ornate, girly vanity like 8 years ago and I love getting ready at it. I have beautiful little lights with crystals hanging down. I love it so much. It’s such a mess right now, but it really makes me feel like I’m ready, as opposed to leaning over the sink while my husband spits out his toothpaste. Even if it’s just a tiny table with a tiny mirror, it’s nice to have your own getting ready space.

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