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Last week, I shared an Instagram story about my go-to meal that I am always making as a “drop off” for friends and family. Whether you are under the weather, just had a baby, or have hit overwhelm and just need a little love from a friend, this is my game-changing go-to. It’s easy, super filling, and there are always leftovers (a huge HUGE win).

When sharing, I mentioned that my best friend, Betsy, just had a baby boy–her third baby!! So I was dropping off dinner and flowers for her newly minted family of five. Y’all blew up my DMs with questions. I was laughing so hard, because I’m not sure I have ever gotten so many DMs about anything–ever. So after replying to them all, I decided this needed a place on the blog for reference.

There are a few reasons why this meal is a great one for a drop off, but first and foremost is that it’s allergy-friendly. Most of my girlfriends cut dairy out of their diets for the first few months while nursing, so this meal is DAIRY-FREE. It’s also gluten-free and soy-free. Plus, it’s pretty kid friendly. If all else fails, the bigger kids can eat the rice and the brownies, because you can only do so much when there’s a new baby in the house, ha! But the third reason why I love this meal is because it is SO GOOD. The flavors are excellent. I love anything that is super lime-infused, so this meal is right up my alley. I always double it so that we’ll have dinner that night as well. It’s one of those meals that just works.

Also, I always stock up on throwaway containers. There are some really great biodegradable ones out there! I wish I would have had these last week, but I was in a pinch. But trust me, Ryan works in recycling technologies and he gave me the side-eye on the tins I used… ha! I’ll do better next time. 😉

Okay, let’s get to the recipes….

What I Drop Off

Coconut Lime Chicken This recipe is amazing, trust me. Although I always add more lime juice. Also, it’s very good topped with guac… just sayin’.

Jasmine Rice – Nothing special here. I just make a TON of rice and follow the directions.

Roasted Broccoli – Again, nothing special here, just a bunch of broccoli tossed in olive oil, salt, and roasted on a sheet pan at 350 until the edges are crispy!

Brownies – FROM. A. BOX. Because I have yet to make a homemade brownie that tastes better than a boxed brownie… but the added sprinkles really do take it up a notch.

Guys, that is it. Seriously, so easy, nothing too fussy, and really good. I hope you enjoy delivering this combo as much as I do!


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  1. I made this, after DM-ing you, and it was so good! Everyone cleaned their plates!
    Thank you so much! This will be a go-to dinner for friends in need.

  2. Making this tonight in advance of an impending baby arrival any day! Can’t wait to share this with our cousin when her first comes in the next week or two!

  3. Just tried this recipe last night and it was a hit! We have a lot of friends about to have babies so this will be perfect to bring over! Thank you for sharing and helping me mix of up my dinner game! It was getting boring over here!

  4. Thank you for this! Perfect timing, as I need to drop off a meal this weekend, and was thinking about this meal. I had saved the chicken recipe from IG, but having it all here is helpful. 🙂

  5. Okay, for brownies you need to try Ina Garten’s “Outrageous Brownies” I PROMISE they’re the best. Although definitely more work than boxed !

  6. Thanks for sharing this awesome “share” meal and the recipes! Can’t wait to make it!

    Also love your kitchen knobs and pulls! Off to search your blog for the knobs and pulls links!

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