The Sweetest Coming-Home Outfits For Baby

Baby’s first outfit!

One of the things I’ve been the *most* excited to find and pack in our hospital bag has been our baby’s coming-home outfit. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been fixated on this for months and months!

It’s so funny the weird things you hold onto during this process, but his little coming-home outfit has been one of the most fun things to shop for. (And you can see all of my maternity favorites here!)

coming-home outfits

pink sweater coverall // knit bonnet // knit booties // blue footie onsie // short-sleeve sweater romper // ruffle-collar smocked coverall // blush sweater knit dress // blue & white sweater footie coverall // blue sweater coverall // pink two-piece sweater set // white two-piece lace set // white & striped-short romper // blue smocked coverall // ruffle body-suit dress // white lace body-suit dress // white & blue stripe coverall

The thought of bringing him home for the first time is almost too much to handle… so I’ve been focusing on finding something that is classic, soft, and extra sweet. I thought it would be fun to pull together a few that are just right, for a boy or girl!

But I’d love to know what you brought your baby(ies!) home in, so please share! (And here you told me all about your favorite baby items. I loved reading through your recommendations!) Also, what did *you* wear home? That’s the next thing on my to-do list to decide!

P.S. See some little boy clothes I just love!

A Few Favorites From The List

I wanted to call out a few specials from the list just in case you, too, are looking for a tiny cozy outfit!

This little tiny onsie with the collar is TOO much. So handsome and sweet.

Also, this little dress is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

Oh and this?!?!? Are you kidding me!

AND… I definitely need these!

This and this would be the coziest to wrap baby up in, too!



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  1. So sweet! My daughter was born 3 weeks ago (time flies!) and we brought her home in this sleeper set – perfect to keep little fingers, toes, and head covered since newborns aren’t good at regulating body temp yet.

    I lived in my Lululemon Aligns for my entire pregnancy, so they were a perfect choice to come home in paired with a loose top. I’ll second another commenter – you’ll want something to hold the ever fashionable mesh panties and pad in place!

  2. We brought our boy home in a white sleeper gown with his initials embroidered in blue with a blue Kyte Baby hat. Perfect for him. I wore a loose fitting cotton dress, and didn’t enjoy it. I took the dress off as soon as we got home because I just wanted to feel protected and secure by pants! I think next time I’ll wear a chic matching set.

  3. All the things you posted are soooooo sweet! We brought our babies home in Kissy Kissy brand outfits because they are timelessly beautiful, and oh so soft. 2/4 came home after NICU stays so we had to be extra careful with them and those outfits fit the bill perfectly. I can’t wait to see your little guy all snuggled up with y’all safe and sound xo

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