Ashley Brooke shares her top workout clothes from the Nordstrom Sale

Zella Sports Bra (similar here), Leggings (similar here), and Hoodie (similar here) // Nike Tennis Shoes (similar here) // Studs // Necklace

New Workout: Low Impact Movements

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I am the first one to admit that I get bored with a work out routine. I don’t know what it is but I will go so hard and all in and then all the sudden I’m like, NOPE. Don’t want to do that it any more! It’s probably the lack being able to go the actual gym during this season, but I’ve been really cycling through the at home workouts!

Recently though, I’ve been hooked on online pilates classes.

It all started when I felt ill after a 3 mile run in the 100+ degree heat. I walked back inside and told Ryan, “welp, I’m never doing that again.” Ha! For some reason that particular run just put me over the edge. So, I started looking into workouts that were full, body but could be done inside. I’m sure I’ll pick up running again in a few months when it doesn’t feel like the surface of the SUN outside, but for now I’m LOVING this new routine.

I’ve been getting up around 5:45-ish, feeding the dog, making coffee, journaling, and then putting on my leggings for a Melissa Wood Health workout. On her app she has a daily suggested workouts, which take the guess work out of it. Seriously, it’s been great, and I’m sore just about every day! ha!

I love getting up, slipping into a pair of buttery leggings, sports bra, and hitting the mat.


Speaking of workout gear, I ordered this look as soon as the Nordstrom Sale went live a few weeks ago along with a few other things. Zella is a Nordstrom made brand and quite frankly makes some of the best leggings out there. I am SO PICKY (I mean ridiculously picky) about work out clothes so I was pleasantly surprised when I put on these leggings and instantly fell in love. They are SO soft, hold you in, and move super well with you. They do run a bit big so I would recommend sizing down.

Finally, a Sports Bra I Love!

I’m also super obsessed with the sports bra. It’s absolutely seamless which is ideal in my opinion. I’m really into the high-neck, I’ll definitely be ordering this in other colors as well.

Athletic Hoodie (for the gym or office!)

Also, this quilted jacket just became my new favorite thing. We keep our little home office ICY cold, like penguin temperatures. It actually fogs up our windows! So even if it’s a mild 97 degrees outside, inside it’s a chilly 65! ha! Ryan and I are always wearing big cozy hoodies while at home and I’ve worn this one every. single. day. since it came in. And actually, I’m wearing it right now as I type. Plus, it will be so great as soon as the temperatures drop. Morning walks will be extra cozy in this… I can’t WAIT!


So if you are looking to update your workout (or just around the house athleisure) wardrobe, the time is now! Prices return to full price after Sunday!

Don’t forget, Nordstrom offers FREE shipping and returns. You can order online and do in store or curbside pickup. Also, when you’re part of the Nordy Club you can earn points , get free alterations, access to events, and much more!


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  1. Yes!! I’ve been doing MWH workouts for a while and LOVE them!! Her positive outlook and soothing voice are awesome no matter what time of day I work out! So glad you’re loving them too!

  2. Just love these photos! THIS is the perfect content and motivation for me to put variety in my workouts! *praise hands* Can I be you when I grow up?! Ha!

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