Three (GF/DF) Valentine Recipes to Make This Weekend

Festive and Sweet

I honestly *love* to bake and try to find time each week or weekend to do so. I always feel that, if I have a fresh batch of healthy muffins to roll into the week with, then I’ve had a successful weekend, ha!

Ashley Brooke baking in her green kitchen

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I love nothing more than just tinkering around in the kitchen trying new things, so today I’m rounding up a handful of Valentine’s Day recipes that will make the perfect addition to your festive weekend. And of course they are all gluten and dairy free! 😉

Below are a few recipes from some of my VERY favorite food bloggers. If you are gluten and dairy free I can not recommend following these three women enough. I have made multiple recipes from each of them and they have all been outstanding!


GF/DF Valentine Treats


Chocolate Raspberry Tartlets 

I went out and bought everything I needed for these delicious looking treats yesterday! You can’t tell me that a Chocolate Raspberry Tartlet doesn’t sound DIVINE.

Recipe Here

Paleo Running Momma

Strawberry Shortcake

Okay, so I made these last week because I was craving strawberry shortcake and WOW they were good. Honestly, I haven’t had strawberry shortcake in forever and these totally hit the spot. And the lemon coconut cream was SO GOOD. I put it on my waffles the next day, ha!

Recipe Here

The Defined Dish

Strawberry Snacking Cake

You had me at *snacking cake*, YES. To be honest though, I have seriously fallen in love with every. single. recipe. I’ve made of Alex’s and this one looks like absolute heaven!

Recipe Here

Basket of strawberries and plates with paleo strawberry shortcake

Happy Baking, friends!

Photography by Sally Watson


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  1. I would love to know where I could find the beautiful white floral plates that you have the strawberry shortcake on? Lovely!

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