pink pinstriped shirt, lace vest, cream slackssilver clutch, gold broch, black tie, and black heels


Carrie Bradshaw, duh! 


My friends over at PopSugar asked me to put together a fun look for Halloween, and I instantly thought, Carrie. Because let’s be real, who else would you want to be for Halloween anyway!?!

Dressing up for Halloween can be so much fun, but can also be expensive when doing the whole “costume store” routine! So when it comes to shopping for a fun and innovative costume, I try to think “wearable” “” i.e., what can I wear again!?

I am going with a classic Carrie Bradshaw look that is so perfectly timeless and over the top! But the great thing about this look is that each piece is a closet staple. You might already have some of these in your closet! Cream slacks, pink pinstriped shirt, silver clutch, black heels . . . I mean, come on, every single one of these items is 100 percent rewardable! No more $85 catsuit that you wear once and throw in the Goodwill pile. This year, we are actually going shopping!

And to help you with your costume shopping PopSugar is giving away $200 to one lucky winner! So if I were you, I’d totally go enter to win! Because, who doesn’t need a new pair of shoes?!


Looking for a few more costume idea… look no further, we’ve got you covered over on Pinterest! —> COSTUME IDEAS (Audrey, Cher, Daisy, and of course more Carrie!) 



pink pinstriped shirt, lace vest, cream slackssilver clutch, gold broch, black tie, and black heels



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