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Well, summer is very much officially in full swing! And it is h-o-t here in Florida. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we aren’t still outside, we just always have hats and sunscreen on hand! And we have to stroll to the park early before the heat gets the best of us.

So I thought it would be fun to pull together everything we rely on for summer… days at the beach, out back by the grill, or in the pool.

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Also, here are our beach day essentials, favorite outdoor toys, and cute summer clothes for toddlers and babies. Hope it all helps!

Stay cool, friends! xx

Favorite Summer Essentials

This is our favorite sunscreen and we use it pretty much year round in Florida. We love long bike rides with our baby bike seat! And for strolls to the park we rely on this to stay cool. And this is our favorite waterproof picnic blanket we take everywhere. We used this all the time when Laurens was smaller! This, too… see here!

This fun sprinkler is a total outdoor hit and so is our bubble machine. Also when I tell you we used this all the time, we do (see here)! Excited to find a new spot for it in our new backyard.

These are such great towels, and I love that they come in a four-pack! Our waterproof backpack has saved us more times than we can count. OBSESSED.

We love our sneakers and sandals, but it’s definitely a Croc summer for us! They go with everything.

Water bottles are a given, but I always have this on hand for me, and he loves Laurens loves his sippy cup. Also these lunch boxes and bento boxes are great for on the go!

And this is my summer uniform: active dress, hat, and sneakers. Only way to survive!

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  1. Thanks for these items. My grandkids (2.5 & 5) are coming from Spain this summer (Texas!) and I need most of these things!

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