My Toddler Travel Essentials

Planes, trains, and automobiles!

As we quickly approach holiday season, I wanted to chat all things travel for baby and toddlers! Basically I’m sharing our toddler travel essentials… the gear that we really love and have made vacations a bit more easy and enjoyable. (Here’s two recaps of big trips we’ve taken with Laurens: New York City and Maine.)

Before every trip I find myself sending out an SOS text to my girlfriends who have little ones a bit older than Laurens asking for advice and they always have the best tips and tricks. So hopefully this post will feel the same… I’m here to tell you to take the trip! You can do it.

toddler travel essentials
slumberpod in action

Over the summer I pulled together all of our road trip essentials in one big post, so if you are hitting the open road this holiday season hopefully that will help. And I will say, if I could only bring one piece of gear on any trip it would without a doubt be the SlumberPod. It’s pure magic. I will ALWAYS make room for the the SumberPod.

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Also, I’m always updating my LTK page with all of his little outfits (boy clothes are so fun!) and our favorite books to read together.

My Toddler Travel Essentials

Okay, let me just say that the SlumberPod has a bit of a learning curve for putting it together, but once you get the hang of it it’s fabulous! I love that we can have all the lights on in a hotel room and going about our normal life while Laurens is tucked away and fast asleep in a dark room of his own.

When it comes to carseats, I cannot say enough great things about the Doona stroller that doubles as a carseat. My only issue is that Laurens grew out of it so quickly… what I would give for him to still fit! Truly that thing is incredible. You can go from car, to airplane, to street, to cab all with one button…. LOVE IT. I also recommend the detachable storage bag to hook on when using it on vacation. Perfect place for sippy cups and snacks.

Once we outgrew the Doona, and after talking to a few mom friends, I bought the Cosco carseat for travel and it’s truly great. It weighs like seven pounds, and is so easy to install in both a plane or car. We used it when we went to Maine and it made the actual travel part so easy and safe.

Our current travel stroller is the Silver Cross Jet 3 and it is awesome! It folds up so small that it fits into an overhead compartment. It’s the stroller we take on on road trips because our UPPAbaby Vista (which I adore and use every day!) is a bit too large for trunk space plus luggage.

We use the Nanit monitor at home and I love how it has a travel stand that can go with you. It’s super easy to set up in any location and we love the built-in sound machine. And this is the router we use when we travel if we need it.

When it comes to pack-and-plays we have the Silver Cross Slumber travel crib which has been amazing. It has a few different ways to set it up depending on age and weight. Plus, it’s super easy to put together. Although Laurens is starting to look a little snug in there! So I have the Newton travel crib on the way. It’s bigger so I’m hopeful it will be just the thing he needs next!

Also, when we travel I don’t take a diaper bag. I just use these zipper pouches and throw a few diapers and the essentials in, and toss it into whatever my tote of the day is that day! At home I use this diaper bag and love it. (All my diaper bag details here.)

Lastly, when it comes to baby carriers, I’ve tried what feels like them ALL. I love the Solly Baby Wrap when they are super little, and the Ergo baby is also great, but I have had THE MOST success with the Artipoppe carrier. I love that thing.

Toddler Travel Essentials


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  1. So helpful! My son & his family live outside of Madrid and will be coming to Texas in July 2024 with a 5 y/o and 2 y/o. I can show them your recs and be on the lookout for things here as well.

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