This coming Sunday is my very first bridal shower and I could not be more excited! The shower is being thrown by a dear family friend and I am super excited to get together and celebrate with everyone. Because this is what’s going on with me and based on an email from a reader, this week’s topic will be bridal and baby showers! The do’s and don’ts and the ins and outs. So without further ado…

Rachel writes:

I’ve noticed a number of women and couples my age bringing babies and young children to gatherings like weddings, showers, etc, which I think is completely inappropriate! Perhaps you can write about the etiquette of bringing children to typically “adult” events. And/or how to tactfully request that guests leave the little ones at home when you are the hostess.

I think the best way to handle this is to be as clear as possible on the invitation. It’s perfectly acceptable to include a note at the bottom of the invitation indicating “women only” or “adults only.” Understand that this may lead some guests to decline your invitation, because they are unwilling or cannot find child care. If its the bride or mom to be’s wishes you may even provide some sort of child care in another room or a nearby home. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the hostess to communicate the wishes of the person being honored at the shower. Hopefully your guests will respect those wishes and abide by whatever boundaries are set on the invitations.


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