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Southern Hospitality 

Last week we took a little mid-week trip up to South Carolina to stay at the brand new Montage Palmetto Bluff, and to say that it was a trip of a lifetime would be a total understatement. There is something magical that happens when you mix Southern Hospitality with a fine luxury hotel… I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s just perfection. We came up to Palmetto Bluff honestly not really knowing what to expect, we had been so busy the week prior that we really didn’t have much time to day-dream about our stay, but when we pulled into the drive both of our jaws dropped. This is quite possibly the prettiest place we’ve ever stayed. I wanted to move in the instant we arrived. 

This was a really special trip to begin with, the Montage Palmetto Bluff was opening up their brand new Inn featuring 150 new guest rooms; We were there for their grand opening weekend. Ryan and I were actually the first guests to step foot in the hotel, and the sweet and excited expressions on the hotel staff’s faces were something I’ll never forget, everyone was so excited and jolted with energy! It was the perfect welcome to the next three days…



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J.McLaughlin Duffle // ABD Make Up Bag // Roberta Roller Rabbit Dress

After snooping around the hotel for about an hour (can you blame me?!), we finally got settled into our gorgeous room and I took a quick dip in that fancy tub. Later on we took a short, guided tour of Palmetto Bluff to get the lay of the land! 


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Palmetto Bluff has an amazing, rich history which made the tour that much more enjoyable. We loved exploring and being able to see all of the little places that made PB so special and give it character. Also, if you are wondering, yes you can buy me that house for Christmas… Lucy, Ryan, and I would be happy to move right on in!

Oh and that photo on the left, is the inside of their gas station. I can’t. If our gas stations were that pretty here in Orlando, I’d actually go! Really it’s inside RT’s Market which serves as the community’s all-in-one gas station, grocery & convenience store, and gift shop.


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Draper James Dress // Steve Madden Shoes // Cuyana Bag // Lisi Lerch Earrings

After our grounds tour we headed back up to our room and got all fancied up for the big opening night party! Now, let’s just talk about this party for a second here… think champagne, oysters, caviar, Richie Sambora, and of course a gospel choir… because it’s not a party without a rock band and a gospel choir. Honestly though, I’m not sure I will ever go to another party as fabulous as this one was. The food was UNREAL, the music was magical, and the setting was beautiful. It was definitely worth our 5 hour drive from Orlando! 


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The next morning we had breakfast at the Inn’s new restaurant Jessamine before I headed over to the Montage Spa! One of the great things about the Inn is it’s food! It’s delicious Southern soulful food, but it wasn’t outrageously heavy. I loved that about their restaurants! A lot of times, I feel like Southern food is good, but I can only take a few bites before I start to feel like I’ve eaten too much… but Jessamine’s dishes were perfection! Don’t even get me started on those biscuits. The resort itself has multiple restaurants and you could try a new on every day during your average stay.


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After breakfast I went down to the Montage Spa for a total Treat Yo’ Self morning! First off the spa is AMAZING. It’s the prettiest spa I’ve ever stepped foot in, and the services were unreal. If you go, I’d save up all your pennies to do The Carolina Kur experience, trust me it is worth it! Like really, REALLY worth it! You will come out with your skin glowing!


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If my date at the Spa didn’t already make for the dreamiest of mornings, we biked down to the little town’s restaurant called Buffalo’s. We loved that you could bike the entire property and took full advantage of it! All of the food that we ordered at Buffalo’s was wonderful, but I’d highly recommend the fried green tomatoes. Gah. So. Good. But they’re not pictured here because we ate them so quickly!


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Draper James Blouse c/o // Cuyana Bag // Kate Spade Shoes (now 40% off!!)


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Later that evening we took a yacht tour. That’s right. We boarded The Grace, a 100 year old yacht for wine and hors d’oeuvres with a few of our new Palmetto Bluff friends. It was a two hour boat ride up and down what’s called the May River.  It may have ended up being our favorite part of the entire trip. The boat itself was so beautiful, but it was also just nice to connect with some of the other guests and our hosts. If you ask Ryan what his favorite part of the trip was, he will say it was the yacht tour! And I’m tied between the Gospel Choir and this, both magical and unexpected!


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Gap Pajamas (on SUPER sale!)

Before we packed up on Friday we ordered room service and tried to soak in as much as we could before we traveled back home. All in all this was one of our favorite trips and I can not WAIT to go back! 


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  1. You were in my neck of the woods!! I hope you enjoyed everything!! By the pictures it looked like y’all had a wonderful time in the lowcountry!!

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