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Guys, I’m so sorry I missed Monday Morning Musings yesterday. Things are actually INSANE over here. Like, I’m not sure our home has ever looked worse, ha! I know during any renovation things get worse before they get better, but WOW we are definitely is the SUUUUUPER bad portion of this process. We spent the majority of our weekend pulling up the rest of the laminate flooring and moving out as much furniture as possible because our new wood floors are going in on Thursday! 

Every single room in our house is an utter disaster, concrete dust EVERYWHERE, and it took me a solid 15 minutes to find my eyelash curler this morning. So… just know, if things are quiet over here this week it’s because we are up to our eyeballs in a massive DIY project! 

All of that said we are truly so excited and are making major progress! Couldn’t be any more grateful to be doing a renovation like this, but just know all three of us (Dolly included) are covered in construction dust at all times! ha.

5 Things I'm Loving

Daisy Sweatshirt

I got a notification over the weekend that my favorite daisy sweatshirt was back in stock! Do yourself a favor and scoop this one up! SO. COZY.

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Green Coffee Mug

I need this right?! I feel like I do. Especially with our soon-to-be green kitchen, right?!

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Flirty & Sweet

I’m living for dresses like this one lately and as soon as I spotted this I scooped it right up. This brand has so many great pieces!

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Raffia Headband

How cute is this? For $20 I thought it was a steal, also it will go with practically everything I own. Seemed like the right thing to do!

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Living Proof Sale

SUCH a good buy! One of my favorite shampoo and conditioner duos is on major sale and they’ve included one of the BEST dry shampoos I’ve ever tried. Seriously do not sleep on this deal.

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