Tuesday Morning Musings | No. 251

Here for the sunshine…

I bumped our normal Monday post to Tuesday this week to make room for our May pick for Book Club! If you haven’t hopped over to take a peek at this month’s book you need to… Happy Place has been one of my favorite titles I’ve read this year so far and I just know you will love it too.

Now onto the weekend… it was so fun! Full of breakfast dates, double dates, and playdates! We totally dove head first into all the weekend activities and I barely looked at my phone. It was, well, lovely!

wide-leg denim // white t-shirt // tote bag // packable hat

We also spent the weekend getting our backyard into shape for a very special (little!) birthday party this weekend, but had to laugh because as soon (and I mean as soon!) as we finished freshening up our little potted garden we got a MAJOR hail storm. Like, I have never, in my entire life living in Florida, have I seen anything like it (see on the last slide here!). Truly it felt like we were inside of an ice-maker! Totally unreal. Anyway, as we sat and watched the storm we laughed at all of our hard yard work getting pummeled. Thankfully we had very little damage, but wow, what an adventure!

Laurens’ first birthday is this Saturday and I can’t believe we are actually here. (This feels like yesterday!) I feel so unbelievably lucky to be his mom and to get to witness him grow into a little person… time is truly such a beautiful thing. I obviously get a little teary when I think about him turning one, but more than anything I’m so excited for him! Also it helps that he’s wearing 24-month clothing already… hahah! But seriously, every day keeps getting better and better and I love exactly where our feet are, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Okay, now that I’ve totally caught you up, let’s get into the five things I’m loving right now…

5 Things I’m Loving

A few new obsessions…


Birthday Book

I hunted this book down and ordered it from a secondhand book seller! Since we are so into books (see a few of our favorites!), I wanted to get something special to read on Laurens’ birthday! We read each morning after his bottle and I can’t wait to read this on Saturday.

Looks like it comes back in print in June!

Shop Here


Loopy Case

I know you know this.. every single mirror shot you can spot my Loopy case but I’m flat out obsessed with mine. I have the sand, sage, and lavender all which I love. Such a great and practical phone case!

 use code “ASHLEYBROOKE” for 10% off

Shop Here


Call me a princess!

This dress! Okay, I need an event, like stat. I’m READY to rsvp yes to your wedding, gala, fancy birthday party! It’s actually perfect.

Similar and less expensive options here and here!

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Swiss dotted ruffles

This pajama set is, wow, so special! I have them in a medium and I wore them *all* weekend long. Would seriously make the best Mother’s Day gift. FIVE stars. I usually hate the way pj shorts fit, but these are actually amazing.

See in motion here!

Shop Here


Wide-leg Denim

I have a pair of really nice straight-leg denim that I wear ALL the time and have more than gotten my money out of them. So I’ve been on the hunt for a similar pair in a wide-leg style and guys, I found them! They are on the pricier side (here’s a similar look for less!) but my hope was to find THE pair, you know?! And I love them so much. I think they will be the perfect Florida denim… also I can play with Laurens on the ground and they hold their shape (see here). Order your smaller size and trust me, you will loooove.

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