Ultimate Holiday Glassware Guide

‘Tis the Season

Believe it or not, the holiday season is fast approaching! And after the past 18 months, I am so ready to host family at our home over the next few months. One of my favorite parts of hosting is setting a beautiful table. This doesn’t have to be complicated (we often overthink it and don’t have to!), and a few key pieces can really set the tone for a fun night that make your guests feel special. Glassware in particular is a favorite detail for me, and I love the way different glasses can work for different occasions: everything from sweet tea at a casual supper to champagne coupes for the New Year.

Great glassware can also be about substance and not just style. Using glass is incredibly sustainable and much better for the environment than a single use paper product. This is never an all-or-nothing thing–sometimes I mix eye catching glasses with a fun cocktail napkin.

All that to say, I thought it would be fun to cover a wide range of glasses that might be just the thing for your upcoming holiday get together. Whether it’s a fall chili potluck, a friendsgiving, or a fancy Christmas soiree, I’ve got something for you!

Ultimate Holiday Glassware Guide

Ultimate Holiday Glassware Guide

Wine Glass

Everyone needs a classic set of wine glasses. I love these for obvious reasons (i.e., Ryan and I love a good bottle of wine), but they’re timeless and so, so, versatile. Wine to me, is the easiest drink pairing for any dinner. You don’t have to mix or measure, just open your favorite bottle and you’re set. I love to repurpose wine glasses (especially stemless like these) for other drinks and even for desserts (they’re perfect for a chocolate mousse!). If you were only going to add one type of holiday glassware to your collection, these might be your best bet!

Highball Glass

A highball glass is another option with tons of versatility. It can work as a water glass, an iced tea glass or house a specialty or batch cocktail. This is a fun place to a get a little creative, too, with a colored or embellished glass to add something a little festive to your table.

Champagne Coupe

I LOVE champagne coupes! One of my best friends got me a vintage set a few years ago, and I just feel so fancy and glamorous every time I use them. They’re such a fun twist on the traditional flute, and you could totally use them to serve a sorbet or ice cream for dessert. You can find these lots of places, but I love browsing Etsy for vintage ones.

Old Fashioned Glass

Ryan makes an amazing old fashioned, and I love these glasses for them. I know I sound like a broken record, but you can literally use these glasses for anything: water, cocktails, wine, you name it. When I host a brunch, I love using this type of glass for iced coffee–works like a dream! If you’re in the market for this style, check out these festive glasses from Crate and Barrel for your holiday gatherings.


It’s no secret that I love a good coffee mug, but I really felt like I had to include this particular glassware item in a holiday focused guide. There are so many fun ways to incorporate mugs into your holiday entertaining. Beyond your every day coffee, mugs are perfect for cider, hot chocolate, hot toddys, and all the other warm and cozy drinks that go along with this season. I think this type of drink/glassware combo is perfect for a DIY bar: a hot chocolate bar with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and peppermints or a cider bar with apples, pears, and cinnamon sticks. Mugs are a must since you wouldn’t want to put anything hot in any of the other types of glassware we’ve discussed.


Favorite Finds

This was such a fun round-up to put together for you, as I love all things entertaining, especially fun, practical details like glassware. And I truly hope this little guide helps you as you’re planning out your holiday gatherings and tablescapes. I’d love to hear how you used this post as inspiration, so leave me a comment or tag me on social if you use any of these glasses on your holiday tables!


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