Ultimate Men's Gift Guide 2019 - Ashley Brooke

10 Gift Ideas for Men

This list is simple and I’m going to tell you what it’s about right up front. All these gifts come from the lens of my experience this year…what happened, what items have genuinely made my life better, and what things do I use and love to talk about. So if you’re stumped on what to get your guy this Christmas, this list covers it all!

For each of these 10 gifts I tried to include an “affordable” option if and when necessary.  

If you don’t see something here, don’t forget to check out my 2018 Gift Guide for Men (ridiculously great ideas there as well!)

P.S. Stay tuned for additional gift guides for men in the days ahead!

Happy Holidays! – Ryan

Fellow Travel Mug

The Carter Everywhere Travel mug is such an easy win, especially for coffee drinkers. 

It’s stainless steel and double walled, but the best feature is that the inside is ceramic coated, meaning it’s ideally suited to preserve the taste of coffee. If your guy is a coffee drinker, this is what he’s been waiting for.

P.S. Corkcicle has another favorite mug of mine – another great option! 

Shop $30

Shoe Horn

In my opinion, this is a basic that every guy must own. I use this every single day. It preserves your the backs of your shoes (especially dress shoes) and, when I’m lazy, lets me slip them on without having to tie/untie the laces.

This one is stylish, will last forever, and is many steps above cheaper plastic versions.

Leather & Brass Shoe Horn $24
Gifts for Men 2019 - Packable Down Jacket

Packable Down Jacket

This is a game changer. I picked up a packable down jacket in San Francisco earlier this year on a brisk night when I didn’t have anything warm to wear.

It’s absolutely a no-regrets purchase. It’s comfortable and classic, but with some urban edge. And it really is packable, perfect for short trips with a carry-on. The pricier version from Lole is incredible! The $50 version is from Hawke & Co (a favorite of mine) Option no. 3 is Amazon Essentials which looks like a solid choice as well.

Lole $229 // HAWK & CO $49.99 // Amazon Essentials $39.99

Motivation / Inspiration

There is no better motivational book on the planet that Stephen Pressfield’s The War of Art. I read it well over 10 years ago and return to it over and over when I need a kick in the pants. Practical and encouraging, it helps you battle the resistance that comes with doing great things.

It’s a great way to start a new year! Right up there with the Bullet Journal.

P.S. You’ll probably strike out if you only him a motivational book for Christmas, but paired with other thoughtful things, it will be well received. 

The War of Art // Bullet Journal

Pull-up Bar

Ah, the door mounted pull-up bar. It’s probably not a stretch to assume that most guys owned one of these in high school or college.

This one, however, is a much newer and improved version of the rickety ones I used to hang from in my college dorm. It doesn’t damage the door frame and is incredibly sturdy, yet collapsable and easy to store. If getting in shape is on his New Year’s resolution list, this is a great way to start.

Pullup Bar

Shoe Care Kit

Along with the shoe horn, for the guy who dresses up every day or often enough, this kit is essential. I picked up some of the Cole Haan shoe care product (the sole/heel edge is well worth the price of this kit) a few years ago and have used them regularly. Dress shoes are an investment, so why not keep them looking 100% for as long as possible? Cedar shoe trees are also not a bad idea ; )

Shoe Care Kit $25 // Cedar Shoe Trees

Apple AirPods Pro

This is actually a carry-over from last year’s gift guide. The older versions were game changers for Ashley and me last year, but the new ones are even better

The big improvement this year is water resistance, better sound, and noise cancellation. These are definitely on my wishlist this year (Ashley, are you reading this??)

Shop Here

Citizen Watch

You can not go wrong with a Citizen Ecodrive watch. I have owned several through the years and they last forever while the compliments keep rolling in.

I’m a big fan of black band watches, especially on sportier looking watches like this. They can be dressed up, but look just as great with a casual Saturday look. I’m really liking this one, but I’ve listed a handful of watch options below:

Black Citizen Watch $107 // Todd Snyder x Timex $131 // Timex similar $39

Bluetooth Speaker with…

It started with the search for a great looking clock for my nightstand, but this is just too good to be true.

It has a bit of a price tag on it, but this speaker literally does everything – great sound and bass, Qi wireless phone charger on top, Alexa voice control, and LED clock. Click over, see what it’s all about. And it LOOKS GREAT!

Shop Here (Currently 50% off!)

Leather Mouse Pad

One way to step up the desk game is to add a leather mouse pad. It will last and look great for ages, even while the color of the leather changes with time and use. It’s a staple of my personal workspace.

If he works at a desk, this will not disappoint!

Leather Mouse Pad $38

Check out Last Year’s Gift Guide for More Inspiration!


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  1. Great ideas! Just ordered the travel mug and puffer jacket for my brother – he has a December birthday so I just took care of Christmas and his birthday with your suggestions. Thanks, Ryan!

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