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One of the most exciting things about our closet remodel was this little makeshift linen closet section. Our home has *very* little storage space and our primary closet is honestly our only real closet in the house, so the goal when thinking through the space was how we could maximize it the most! There was so much under utilized space and just putting in this shelving unit really made a BIG difference!

Once the unit was in I could not WAIT to head to Target and fill it with fresh new linens. I’ve been dreaming of a linen closet for years and I couldn’t wait for new towels, fresh sheets, etc. Plus who doesn’t love a good excuse for a Target trip?! Ha!

I was recently introduced to Target’s brand Casaluna and I totally fell in love with their line. So many beautiful bed linens and blankets… and of course towels. I’m seriously such a sucker for new towels. All of their pieces are well made and aesthetically beautiful. Lots of calming tones and pretty textures, but the icing on the cake is that I found it all at at Target.

Have you purchased anything from the Casaluna line yet?! I feel like this is the year to get your at-home-cozy-on if ever there was one! If you are looking for a little linen closet re-fresh, try out Casaluna at Target, I honestly think you’ll love their pieces… especially those fluffy towels!

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