Marshall Speaker // Todd Snyder T-shirt // Lululemon Joggers // Shinola Apple Watch Band // Apple Watch Charging Stand // Apple Watch // Filson Briefcase // Spy Novel // Bullet Method Journal // Moon Art Print // Valentine’s Day Card // Cast Iron Skillet // Mini Theragun // Gardener’s Knife/Shovel // Bullet Method Journal Book // Car Washing Kit

A Gift He’ll Love

Earlier last week I told Ryan that I wanted to put together a Valentine gift guide for men and if he had any thoughts to send them my way. We were eating dinner, and he said, “I can’t really think of anything”. A few days later an email from Ryan was in my inbox with link after link of gift ideas… it made me laugh! To be honest, he owns almost everything on this list, but that moon print really threw me for a loop, ha!

There is a wide range of gifts and budgets here from one of his favorite spy novels to his new favorite piece of technology, an apple watch. But I’ll let the expert weigh in here….


There are some gifts I keep coming back to, like the Bullet Journal that that keeps my life and work organized (don’t forget the book) or a simple t-shirt from Todd Snyder because it’s the best T I’ve ever owned!

Then there are new gifts I’ve recently received, like an Apple Watch that has completely changed how I work out and let’s me finally leave my phone behind on a long jog or when running errands (I have the cellular plan). The Theragun has been a great addition, too, to reduce muscle tension on those days when I overdo it on said workout!

And those gifts that let me escape from work, like great music blasting from a Marshall speaker or relaxing at night with a can’t-put-it-down spy novel. Even learning to cook with a cast iron skillet (once you do, you’ll never go back!), has been a great way to turn an everyday chore into something enjoyable – or at least a bit more entertaining.

All of this to say, I know buy gifts for guys can be be a challenge. But hopefully these items help you think outside the box! And if you can’t find it here, definitely check out the other men’s gift guides we’ve posted here previously.


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