Valentine’s Day Gifts For Babies, Toddlers, & Big Kids

The sweetest excuse to celebrate…

I was chatting with my best girlfriend last weekend about the Valentine’s playdate she’s planned and I was going on and ON about how much I just love Valentine’s Day and she looked at me and said, “Ashley, you have always loved Valentine’s Day, but just wait… it’s even more fun with a little one!” And well, she’s so right!

It’s magical and fun and there is ZERO pressure. Like you can go full on puffy pink hearts, candy, and paper valentines… or you don’t have to do any of the things and no one with think otherwise. It’s like a “you-do-you” holiday and I’m just into the freedom of that. But you know, I have zero chill when it comes to these things so I’m already in deep.

I love all the Valentine’s books, I have festive garland in the nursery, and we have matching heart pjs… it is what it is guys, I can’t help myself.

For the actual day, I did scoop up this sweet book, and I will FOR SURE have a red balloon (he’s obsessed with balloons!) tied to his highchair, and I’m thinking heart shaped waffles?!? But I think it would be fun to get a little toy for him to unwrap! Again… this is mostly for me, but I just love it so much.

heart sweater // blanket // teether // sunglasses // hair clip // jokes book // plush pig // I love you book // plush heart // xo earrings // heart socks // heart bib // puzzle // heart crayons // camera // truck // wheelie book // personalized plate // wooden car

Anyways, I couldn’t let another day pass without doing a kids-of-all-ages Valentine’s Day gift guide!

Instead of breaking this post down into three different posts, I though it would be nice to just have it ALL in one location! So if you are shopping for multiple ages, you can find inspiration here instead of jumping around. Above are just a few items from each category, but below there are OPTIONS.

P.S. There are SO many fun goodies on our holiday gift guide for kids of all ages, so be sure to check it out, too!

A Few Favorites From The Babies List

How cute is this teether!

The sweetest books for all the baby love… this one, this, and this for bedtime are our faves.

Baby heart socks! Here and here, too cute. Also, can we even with the little suspenders on this outfit!

I love giving snuggly blankets… this heart one is a favorite, this muslin one is too sweet, and this one is a small lovie version.

And this little push car! So good.

A Few Favorites From The Toddlers List

The books are too good! This, this, this, and this… sweetness overload.

Remember this?! Childhood fave!

Love this play dough kit for keeping little hands busy! This and these would also do the trick.

Heart sunnies?! Yes!

Laurens has a dinosaur personalized plate, and I love the Valentine’s version!

Theeeee cutest heart stuffy!

A Few Favorites From The Big Kids List

Loving this personalized puzzle! What a sweet family activity to do together.

More books! This one, this, and this are so good.

This personalized pouch is so fun! And so are these embroidered sweatshirts.

Love these big boy boxers (my heart imaging Laurens this big!).

This is such a cute set for girls!

And would be so fun to jump in the kitchen together with this, this, and these!


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