Ashley Brooke and Ryan give Valentine's Interview

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

I love Valentine’s Day, always have, always will! It’s just fun, and honestly it’s for the girls. My sister and I always exchange little Galentine gifts, and I always try to dress in as much pink as humanly possible… plus, it’s an excuse to eat all the chocolate!

This year Ryan and I aren’t doing gifts, just love notes, the best gift! And this afternoon we’re going out for brunch, because it’s Friday and it just feels like the right thing to do… and tonight we have an annual Valentine’s Cocktail/Dinner party with a bunch of our best friends! Four courses, live entertainment (i.e. we always make someone sing, ha!), hilarious skits, and a little too much champagne! We look forward to tonight all year.

But whatever your plans are this Valentine’s weekend, I hope you get the opportunity to treat yourself just a bit! I have a new book that I’m dying to get into, so I’m hoping Saturday will be a full on pajama day with bottomless cups of coffee and my new book!

10 Rapid Fire Questions

On Instagram Stories I asked you to submit any fun burning questions you had for Ryan and I and y’all came through with some really good ones! But if you are wanting the full length (in depth!) unfiltered love story, we did a podcast with The Knot last year… you can listen here!

  1. How did you meet?!
    • We actually met at a party a back in 2009. We both attended the same church, so we would bumped into each-other often. But it wasn’t until 2013 when his bother and sister-in-law (who also just so happened to be my neighbors) set us up… and we got married a little over one year later!
  2. Favorite trip you’ve taken together?
    • Honestly, we went to New York this past December and we COMPLETELY unplugged. It was THE BEST. Also, our honeymoon in Half Moon Bay was really quite magical, but guys, I had the flu. Need a do-over ASAP.
  3. What’s your Enneagram types?
    • Ashley: 3w4 & Ryan: 1w9… It’s honestly hilarious. He does everything perfect, and I just get things done! We are a really good balance.
  4. Do y’all want kids?
    • Oh my gosh, YES! We would love them. We would have loved them a few years ago, but all in God’s timing. 🙂
  5. What word describes your relationship best?
    • Solid, grateful, unexpected. (can I choose three?!)
  6. Best advice for newlyweds?
    • Give each other grace to be themselves, always show up at 100%, nothing is ever 50/50, and find a counselor that can help you learn more about each-other. But mostly, enjoy it. Being married is the absolute best.
  7. Who does the cooking? & Do y’all have a favorite show?
    • We will go days where I’ll make breakfast, lunch, and dinner… and then it will totally flip and Ryan will do all of it! Depends on what’s going on I guess. We are a pretty good team in that department. We also really enjoy cooking together when we have the time!
    • Currently we can’t get enough of Schitt’s Creek and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Both are just so good.
  8. I love your engagement ring! What’s the story behind it?
    • I am a jewelry girl, through and through. So when we were discussing rings, I really wanted to be in on the process. We found a vintage piece we loved and had a jeweler help us recreate the same art deco vibe. The center stone is a rare blue-green aquamarine set with emerald cut diamonds. My band is an eternity ring of matching emerald cut diamonds. Truthfully, it’s my FAVORITE thing.
  9. How do you balance working together everyday and being married?
    • Ha! I love this question. It is a work in progress – Somedays we nail it and some days we are a disaster and need a reset! But both our parents have always worked together, so I’m not sure we’d really thought too much about it other than, if we can, we would. Also, Ryan only works part time on the blog… he’s currently moonlighting with me! 😉 He has a consultant agency that he spends most of his time on. Although, we do work in a 10×10 room together all day every day.
  10. How did Cancer effect your relationship? And how is Ryan feeling?
    • WOW. I had so many of these questions! Y’all are so sweet. Okay, well first, Ryan is feeling great! Praise the Lord. 1 year out of treatment and he really is doing better than ever before. We are so grateful.
    • Cancer definitely effected our relationship, but thankfully it was for the better. Something changes when you look hard times straight in the eye, link arms, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other, together. There’s a bond in that journey that is incredibly hard, but extra special.

Bonus Question!

What’s your favorite thing about one another?

Ashley: Ryan is truly the kindest most solid man I know. He never waivers in doing what’s right, and always leads with his heart. Also, he’s reeeaaallllllly cute…. which never really gets old!

Ryan: I remember the first day I met Ashley, and we spoke for just a few minutes, but I was completely enamored. I remember praying, “God, help me find a girl just like that.” She is absolutely gorgeous and so many other things to me, but the one at the top of my list is how thoughtful she is toward others. She has a knack for making people feel special. She can find a lonely person in a crowded room and make them feel like they are the most important person in the world. I love that about her.


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