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Before I break down this adorable DIY bow scrunchie, let me first say I’ve really been getting back into sewing lately and it’s been such a fun escape! I’ve always loved crafts and grew up doing them practically every day, especially during the Summer months. My mom would sign my sister and I up for everything from art classes to sewing camp and I always looked forwarded to it.

As an adult I feel like I spend a good portion of my “down time” either crafting, reading, or DIYing something for our house. I just really enjoy making things with my hands, even if it doesn’t turn out perfect (which it never does!). It’s fun just trying something new.

Join @carly + @ashleybrooke on Instagram Live : Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 pm EST


Over the years Carly and I have bonded over our love of crafts and during the past few months we’ve both gotten some extra mileage out of our sewing machines. When she texted me a DIY Bow Scrunchie Pattern , I ordered fabric on the spot!

We decided if it was as easy (and as fun) as it looked then we would do a virtual craft night and invite you all to join in and fire up your sewing machines! Well… I’m here to say, not only are they SUPER easy to make, they are addicting!! I whipped up two over the weekend and was scouring my sewing drawer for more fabric to make more. It’s seriously one of THE most satisfying crafts I’ve ever done.

Favorite Etsy Fabric Shop (with fast shipping!)

JOIN US for this LIVE Craft Night!

WHO: YOU + @carly + @ashleybrooke

WHERE: Instagram Live @ashleybrooke

WHEN: Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 pm EST

Keep reading for scrunchie pattern & supply list to make yours!

What You Will Need:

Free Pattern Here!

I hope you will join us whether you are crafty or not! Either way, it will be a good time and if nothing else you can watch me most likely have to use a seam ripper 3-4xs since I tend to get ahead of myself more often then not! 😉

Join @carly + @ashleybrooke on Instagram Live : Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 pm EST


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