I hope you all had a wonderful and restful weekend! Here is just a peek at what I was up to”¦






On Friday night, we packed up our picnic baskets and headed out to Leu Gardens for their holiday movie night! Leu Gardens does a monthly movie night the first Friday of every month, but oddly enough I’ve never been. This year, I vowed to make their December movie night our official Christmas activity kick off, and that is just what we did. We met up with a few of our best couple friends and set up shop! We had all the wine, champagne, cheese, chocolate, and popcorn you could ever want. Plus, it ended up being one of our coldest nights of the year, so we also bundled up in blankets and snuggled. To say it ended up being a magical evening would be a complete understatement! If you live in the Orlando area, Leu Garden’s movie night is an absolute must!! 





On Saturday evening, I made a big pot of chili,  a pitcher of holiday sangria, and had my family over for a little impromptu backyard S’more party! We did all the things – we watched Miracle on 34th Street, we took the golf cart out to look at Christmas lights, and Ryan even set up our little fire pit for S’mores. It was such a simple and fun night. All I want for Christmas is more of these types of nights in my life! 




PHOTO 3: Festive Mornings

During the holidays, our morning routine kind of goes right out the window, and I love it. I love that in a busy, hectic world, we all just stop during the holidays and take in the simple little things like whipped cream in your coffee! I do not care if whipped cream in your coffee and sitting on the front porch at 7 am instead of rushing around like a maniac is wrong. Honestly… I do not want to be right, especially in December!

I hope you all had an equally as wonderful weekend, and your Monday is off to a magical start! 




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Consider it my early Christmas gift to you!




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