Here is just a peek at what I was up to this weekend”¦


PHOTO 1: A Pastel Sunset

Growing up with a dad as a photographer, taking our family Christmas card portrait was a BIG deal. My mom would plan our outfits, location, and the over all look months in advance! It was, and still is, a big to-do! I love all the pomp and circumstance around it, and to be fair, it’s rubbed off on both my sister and I. 

Ryan and I look forward to our yearly (this will be our third!) portrait session with my dad, and since he gets so busy during the holidays we try to do it before October.  So this week, we made our yearly session happen! I had in my brain that this year photographs needed to be on the beach at sunset, and then, I found THIS dress

Honestly, it’s such a great way to make sure we get our pictures taken every year. Even with a dad as a photographer, sometimes getting it together for portraits can be challenging, but I am so glad we do it. It’s my favorite of our family traditions.




Pink Dress (under $50!)  (similar here and here)

P.S. I can’t wait to show you which image we chose! 



PHOTO 2: Sugar Rush

Okay, how cute are these? On Saturday we threw one of my besties a baby shower and I reached out to my friend Deanna at OCD Cookie Designer to help me with the favors! First off, if you don’t know Deanna, you need to get familiar! She is a cookie GENUIS! Seriously, she’s amazing and I totally want to be her when I grow up. Not only is Deanna crazy-stupid-talented, but she is also crazy generous. She donates ALL (yes friends, ALL) of  the proceeds from her cookie empire to our city’s charitable mission in downtown Orlando to feed and clothes the local homeless families… is that not incredible?! I know, like I said, I want to be her when I grow up.

Also, let’s be real… aren’t these ADORABLE?! 

Side Note: The shower was amazing, EVERYONE loved the favors, and Kylee, the momma-to-be, was glowing! It was the best day!





OCD Cookie Designer

P.S. And just for fun, here is a FREE download of the favor tags I made! xx



PHOTO 3: Potting Bench

Over the past few months the heat, coupled with our travel schedule, left all of our plants a little worse for wear. I tried and TRIED to keep them watered when I could, but it was no use… everything ended up looking extra crispy! So on Sunday, I made it my mission to lively back up our home. I love freshly potted plants, there is nothing better than a clean house and happy plants (healthy!) plants. 




home depot plants // planter (similar)  // watering can (similar)


Alright, this week is full to the brim of projects so I’m off to get it all started! Let’s make this our best week yet! xo ““ AB




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