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Reformation Linen Dress // Kayu Clutch (similar here) // Raffia Heels (similar here)

What Bra To Wear With Backless Dresses and Tops

Let’s Talk Bras

I’m a huge fan of backless dresses and tops, because life’s short, and WHY NOT!? Right?! But I will say the logistics of wearing backless things can feel a bit intimidating, so I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite fashion tricks to wearing backless, strapless, and everything in between!

Side Note: Let me just say, I am fairly small chested, so for my friends who are more blessed than I am in that area, check out my girlfriend Caralyn, she has FANTASTIC bra recommendations.

The Best Strapless Bra:

I wrote an entire blog post / love letter to the Lively Strapless bra last year, and my feelings about this bra have not changed. If anything, they’ve become deeper. I LOVE THIS BRA. Hands down the most comfortable strapless bra I have ever, EVER, owned. If you need a new strapless bra, get this one. You will love it. Also, if you don’t believe me, here’s 262 words on why it’s the best. HA!

The Lively Bra works perfectly with a dress like this one.

The Best Backless Bra Solutions:

Adhesive Backless Strapless Bra

So I have been wearing this $17 stick on bra for years, since college maybe?! And I love it. It’s not super fancy or anything but it just does the job. I replace mine every Summer, but I have nothing but great things to say about it. Plus I love that you can hand wash it.

Note: You need to know two things about this bra. 1. Size up and 2. Do not put any lotion or body oil on before applying the bra. It will just slide right off, ha! I’ve done this one too many times. I put on body lotion as soon as I get out of the shower from head to toe (currently using and loving this! Doesn’t leave you greasy, perfect for the hotter months!) and by now it’s just a habit. I always kick myself when I do that before the sticky bra.

The Adhesive Backless Strapless Bra works perfectly with a dress like this one.

Adhesive Breast Petals

Another favorite of mine are these adhesive breast petals, honestly, these are my favorite. Especially if a top is tighter, I like more support when a top/dress is backless so I gravitated towards the adhesive bra. But if the bust of the garment is form fitting, then I am ALWAYS choosing these. Very easy to wear and so comfortable! Also, super easy to hand wash.

The Adhesive Breast Petals work perfectly with a top like this one or a bodysuit like this one.

Which One is Best?

Truth be told all three of these bra solutions are in heavy rotation for me in the Spring/Summer months and you can not go wrong with any of them!

What Bra To Wear With Backless Dresses and Tops

Bonus!: Favorite Every Day Bra & Slips

Also, if you are looking for a great “every day bra” (one that isn’t strapless or backless) this one is THE BEST. I love it and have been wearing it for years and years, plus it comes in one million colors. Can’t say enough great things about it! Comfortable, feminine, and just… good.

Oh! And, if you need solutions to your dresses not being lined since so many aren’t these days, here is my solution. It works every time!

Photography by Amalie Orrange


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