We’ve all been out to dinner and wondered whether it was appropriate to pick up a dropped fork or what to tell the waiter when he tried to take your unfinished plate of food.  Enjoy this advice from Emily Post on what to do in these sticky situations!
“What Do I Do When…”
I’ve dropped something?  Don’t pick up dropped utensil unless its impeding traffic or causing a problem.  Likewise your napkin can stay on the floor.  Just kindly ask your waiter to replace what has been dropped.
I have spinach in my teeth? Running your tongue over your teeth or being notified by discreetly by a table mate might bring this to your attention.  If you can wipe your teeth with your napkin unnoticed do so, if not excuse yourself.
I knock over my drink?  Immediately set the glass upright and apologize to everyone.  Do not try and scrounge around on the floor to get ice, etc.  Discreetly call the waiter for extra napkins to blot up the mess.
The waiter tries to whisk my plate away?  Don’t hesitate to say “Oh, I haven’t finished,” even if he’s on his way to the kitchen.  If you are done but don’t want to rush the rest of the table, you can say “If you don’t mind, please wait until everyone’s finished before you clear the plates.”


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