I spend a lot of time writing about etiquette and what it involves and encompasses.  I search for tips and answer questions as best as I can in order to help people handle situations with grace.  As I was thumbing through my Emily Post’s Etiquette this morning, I came across an interesting little box on one of the pages…”What Etiquette is Not.”  I think this is important because it takes the veil off of etiquette and helps people understand that it is accessible for everyone.

What Etiquette is Not:

1.  A set of rigid rules: Emily Post has emphasized from the beginning that manners change with the times. Etiquette is a fluid guideline for doing things in ways that make people feel comfortable.

2.  Something for the wealthy or well-born: Etiquette is a code of behavior for people of all social and socio-economic standing.  Good manners can enhance anyone’s life.

3.  A thing of the past: While today’s more casual approach may lead you to believe the standards of yesterday have disappeared, the cornerstone principles of etiquette are a solid as ever.

4.  Snobbishness: Another name for pretentiousness, snobbery violates everything etiquette is about.  Etiquette is about being respectful and considerate and snobs are anything but.


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