What To Wear For Thanksgiving

I think I’ve narrowed it down…

Halloween is literally next week (have you made these yet?!), which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner! And I knew I was excited about the holidays this year, but I didn’t realize just HOW excited I was until I went to Target yesterday and just about bought every single Thanksgiving kids book they had in stock (this one and this one are my fave).

The holiday itself is always wonderful, but more than that it’s all the events, excitement, and build up to the actual day that makes it so special. Like attending Friendsgiving, festive playdates, and time spent researching and planning recipes. It’s all the little in between days that are just the best days. And I love finding a good outfit (or two!!) that make the season feel even more special.

what to wear for thanksgiving
Sezane dress & shirt c/o // Paris 64 handbag c/o

When I saw this little mini dress it totally stopped me tracks. I love every single thing about it! It reminds me of a chair we had growing up… the floral jacquard is just too good! Also, I thought it was so interesting and fresh the way they styled it with a lace top under the dress. It just felt thoughtful and feminine, plus I knew I’d get a ton of use out of a floral lace top, too. I’m the queen of button-downs (as you know, see here and here), and this one was right up my alley!

what to wear for thanksgiving
ashley brooke blog

We tend to dress up for Thanksgiving dinner and then right after change into our Christmas pajamas (I’m so into these btw!)… so I’m all for finding something special to wear during the day’s festivites.

Besides the nostalgic look of the dress (one of my key personal style words!), I love that I can wear it with a shirt underneath or a cardigan on top. You can wear it with tights and flats, or bare legs and platforms. Not to mention boots! Ugh, would be so cute with these boots. All of that to say, it’s a really good dress.

ashley brooke blog
what to wear for thanksgiving

And below I found a few more options for you… like this dress (under $40!) and this top that would be so cute with denim (I wore this brand last year for Thanksgiving!), or this one that I currently can’t stop thinking about.

Tell me about your Thanksgiving! Are you team dress up or dress down?


Thanksgiving Style Finds

Photography by Sally Watson


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