Cocktail Party Tool Kit |


AKA…A Cocktail Party Survival Kit

Holiday or Not, You Need These Things in Your Bag!

We’ve talked about this before – being prepared and efficient is my love language – and obviously this translates to all kinds of outings! I never like to be out and about without my all my “things”. Ryan laughs at me daily because I never leave the house without a tote-bag full of “just-in-case” items and a giant water bottle. I realize we aren’t going camping, but I just like to be prepared. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t my “camping” list.  It really and truly is the must haves! I keep this little bag on me at all times, stocked and ready to roll. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times it has come in handy.  No matter if you’re out at as cocktail party, work event, Church, or the library, these essentials can help you enjoy the important moments and avoid the uncomfortable ones. 


Cocktail Party Tool Kit |

A Great Carry Case:

I have a set of Cuyana travel cases that I love.  The small one I use for my everyday-never-leave-home-without-it essentials. It’s just enough space for what I need to take with me and fits in most of my handbags. Plus, it’s just plain pretty! So now that we’ve covered the bag, it’s time to get out those handbags and get ourselves party ready! 


Party Survival Kit:

Cocktail Party Tool Kit |

The First Aid Essentials

Blister BlockerThis stuff saves lives & feet, I PROMISE.

Band-Aids – Hello high heels.

Pain Reliever – I’m always handing this out. It’s great for those unannounced headaches on your way to an event, or to head off that inevitable one after one-too-many…

Breath Mints – Compact and very effective, Listerine strips are my favorite.

Tide To-Go Stick – Need I say more?!

Floss – It’s a given…

The Beauty Essentials

Fashion Tape – I’ve been using this since high school, and I refuse to leave home without it. I can not even tell you how many times it has saved my life! This is a must have.

Lip Balm – Chapped lips are the worst, but this stuff is the best!

Lipstick – Touch ups! Right now Bobbi Brown’s Color Crush collection and Elizabeth Arden’s Lip Oils.

Bobbi Pins – Truly the multi use tool.

Powder – I use this one, and it’s amazing and easy to carry!

Comb – I used to carry a small brush, but I started carrying this comb, and it’s so much easier!



The Energy Essentials:

Almonds – I never ever leave home without snacks, never. Buy them on Amazon or your local grocery in bulk!

Mophie ChargerThis thing packs about 8 full charges and has saved me more times than I can count. Don’t forget your charging cord!


Okay, so that’s it! All of these items are small enough to go with me just about anywhere and everywhere! And if I had a nickel for each time I needed something out of this little “emergency kit” well, you know… 



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P.S. I’d love to know, is there anything in your handbag that you can’t leave home without?!

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