When you are the guest it’s important to be both courteous and respectful. Your friends or family have invited you into their home and you always want to be as gracious as possible. Here are some great tips of what to do and what not to do:

  • Arrive on time on the agreed upon date. Don’t arrive early, in case your host or hostess is still ready-ing his or her home and don’t be late in case there are plans arranged around your time of arrival.
  • Do not bring pets or extra unexpected guests. This takes advantage of your host or hostess’ hospitality.
  • Make your bed and straighten your room before you leave to go home. I personally, would do this each morning as well, but no exceptions when it comes to “checking out”
  • Do offer to help with meals or other household things while you are there.
  • ALWAYS write a thank you note and send it once you’ve arrived home. For a tip on being prepared for this see this post


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