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Where to Find Vintage Stamps for Invitations

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My most frequently asked question this week was by FAR “where do you find vintage stamps?!”. Last week Carly shared on Instagram Stories a sneak peek at the invitations I put together and designed for her baby shower. I’m co-hosting her shower with her sister and sister-in-law’s this June, so of course I had to find stamps for the invitation that lived up to the occasion–I truly couldn’t help myself! After she shared this photo, my inbox was flooded with messages about the stamps. To be fair, they are SO CUTE. So I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to know all the details! 😉

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This is my second time doing the whole bundled, vintage stamp thing, and I’ve got to be honest with you: it’s so much fun. The first time I did it was for my sister’s baby shower last year (more on that here!). The theme was butterflies + garden party, so I searched high and low for stamps that fit the bill, and it turned out so sweet, and is still one of my favorite details!

Where to Find Vintage Stamps for Invitations

Of course, it’s more expensive than a normal stamp (though, truly, not too much), but I’m always willing to splurge on little details like this, and cut costs in other ways. Plus, to be fair, I’m a paper girl. I love envelopes, stamps, snail mail, thick cardstock… I’m all in. There is just nothing better than fancy paper!

After hours and hours researching vintage stamps, I can say with certainty that Treasure Fox on Etsy is the way to go.

Not only is their customer service phenomenal, but they are quick, have a giant selection of stamps, and their product is beautiful. I’ve chatted with them behind the scenes more than once. And have just been blown away by not only how quick they are but how professional. PLUS, and this is a major plus, all of their stamps are *unused*. This is where things get tricky in the world of vintage stamps. A lot of them are sold as used stamps (don’t ask me why!) but trust me, I’ve purchased used stamps before and WOW is that a letdown. Ha!

But seriously, if you are looking for something specific or a quantity that you don’t see, just ask! Odds are they have what you need, and will get back to you super quickly. Seriously, I give them 5+ stars. Can’t say enough good things.

Treasure Fox is by far my favorite party trick, and now it’s yours too!


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