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Rescuing Damaged Hair

Hair care is something I’ve been actively trying to be more mindful of this year. Skincare has always been a focus for me since growing up I was constantly battling problematic skin! I can’t remember a day in the last 15 years that I haven’t thought about skincare, but hair care, not so much.

But here’s why that’s a problem for me. I’ve been highlighting my hair since the age of 13. I started out with baby lights and now I’m full-in every 8 weeks. And on top of that, I’m heat styling my hair almost daily. So, to say I could use a little “hair care” would be an understatement.

I often find myself adding more and MORE product to my hair just to “fake” a good hair day, when in all actuality, I really should be taking better care of my hair daily so that I actually HAVE great hair days!

Recently I’ve been switching up my hair care routine based on what I think my hair might need and using a charcoal shampoo when I feel like there is more build up (I wrote a post about my go-to charcoal shampoo here!) and a more hydrating one when I’ve been really heating my ends.

Better HAir In A Minute Flat!

So, I was thrilled to learn that Pantene just released a new product leveraging Brazil’s secret formula to give your hair the extra nutrients it needs. The new Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots target extreme damage while helping prevent split ends, and it’s amazing.

Pantene Intense Rescue Shots Review - Ashley Brooke - 7
Pantene Intense Rescue Shots Review - Ashley Brooke - 6


I am loving the new Pantene products, and even Ryan is obsessed with their Charcoal Collection Shampoo. When I heard about the new Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots, I was all in. The box comes with 3 Intense Rescue Shots which I love, because you actually really don’t need THAT much. It’s a single-dose tube that you use weekly instead of your normal conditioner. Just apply from root-to-tip for 30 seconds and rinse for 30 seconds! You aren’t buying another bottle for your shower, just think of these as a treatment – a spa day for your hair.

I’ve been doing these treatments when I feel like I’ve had more bad hair days than good… ladies, you know what I mean! And I feel like a new woman. Much like a face mask, these Intense Rescue Shots have just the right amount of vitamins my hair needs to feel full, bouncy, and shiny after a long week of dry shampoo, hairspray, and heat!

Have you tried Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots yet?! Next time you are at CVS, go pick them up… I’m dying to know how they work for you! I have a feeling you’ll be hooked like me!

Pantene Intense Rescue Shots Review - Ashley Brooke - 3
Pantene Intense Rescue Shots Review - Ashley Brooke - 2
Pantene Intense Rescue Shots Review - Ashley Brooke -

Sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. I’ll have to try these. They remind me of the hot oil treatment vials VO 5 used to have (or maybe still has). Those were effective in making up for some of the heat (and perm) damage we all suffered from.

  2. I love my hair ampoules from Pantene! I’m kinda impressed that it’s something new in the USA. Here in Brazil, I’ve been using these for years, my favorite one is the BB Cream Rejuvenating Repair, it works amazing especially when I’m heat styling my hair, and it keeps the frizz away!
    I’m sharing the link of the ampoule I’m talking about:

    P.S.: Loving your outfit as always!! ❤

    Jessica | |
    Instagram @ what_to_style

    • Ah Jessica! You are amazing! Thank you for the tip! Also, I know… we need to catch up to Brazil in the beauty department. So many amazing secrets! xx – AB

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