left to right: Amazon White Crop Top Sports Bra $24 // Lululemon Charcoal Hoodie $128 // Lululemon White Crop Top Sports Bra $58 // Amazon Camo Leggings $30 // Teleties $10 // Lululemon Camo Leggings $98 // Corkcicle Water Bottle $40 // Nike Metallic Pink Sneakers $70 // Amazon Cropped Green Hoodie $19 // Nike Pink Sneakers $125

Same Look, 2 Price Points!

Okay, so let’s talk workout clothes. This is a department that I am still quite frankly trying to get together! Over the holidays I purchased a few staples from Lululemon like these leggings, this sweatshirt, and this sports bra… but almost every weekday I find myself looking for a clean workout outfit, because I only have two full outfits I actually like and that work well for me (i.e. leggings that don’t fall down, etc…).

I’m a believer in buying staples that last and you feel great wearing. I also love mixing in lower price point pieces for a look that feels put together and, all together, “high end”.

I have a few preferences on what items are really important — For one, a GOOD quality pair of leggings is non-negotiable. For that, my go-to is Lululemon. Although, I do have to tell you that these for $30 are pretty great (I have them in black). But with that being said, I could care less if my sports bra is from Target or Lululemon.

Sometimes just getting started working out is the most important thing. And if the budget tight, don’t let that hold you back. Find the pieces that work for you and go from there! Mix high and low, or just go head-to-toe in one category or the other. Either way you can’t go wrong, but it’s nice knowing you have options! 😉

High Price Point

Charcoal Hoodie $128 // Pink Sneakers $125 // White Crop Top Sports Bra $58 // Camo Leggings $98

Low Price Point

Cropped Green Hoodie $19 // Metallic Pink Sneakers $70 // White Crop Top Sports Bra $24 // Camo Leggings $30


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