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We are starting to seriously toy around with the idea of redoing our kitchen. It’s been on the list for FOREVER (and ever!!) and, honestly, we are ready! I don’t think it will be a major overhaul, like reconfiguring cabinates, plumbing, etc… More like new countertops, a fresh coat of paint, farm sink, appliances, and hardware.

On Monday Ryan and I spent some time dreaming about the kitchen and when he asked me what I wanted or envisioned, I blurted out “GREEN!”

Honestly it surprised us both… but now I can’t stop thinking about it!

I went into my “saved” folder in Instagram and realized I have been saving all things green for months, without even knowing it. Ha! And all this time I thought I’d want a blue or creamy white kitchen.

Would you paint your kitchen green? And check your “saved” folder before you answer that! 😉


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  1. Hi Ashley, im thinking of using softened green on my kitchen, possibly even just lower cabinets. Would love to hear your thoughts. I dont have any natural lighting in there.

  2. I painted my lower cabinets a gray green called “sharkskin” about 5 years ago. I am sure my clients would not have ventured THERE 5 years ago, but I LOVE it. My upper cabinets are a buttermilk white . It is so fun to watch the changes in color as the sun moves across the room I also have dark countertops, which is void in popular design at this time, but it adds a alot of class to the balance of the room .

  3. I never would have chosen it, but I, and everyone else, loves mine. It was done by the previous owner and my only dislike is the the appliances. I do plan on updating the pulls soon, maybe the newer gold tone that is in use lately.

  4. All my kitchen cabinets are almost that exact color of green! My counters are butcher block (same color of wood as the three wooden shelves) which looks great with the green too. They were painted by the previous owners. However I’ve been thinking about redoing the kitchen cabinets, flooring, and counter.

    Make sure that you thoroughly sand the cabinets before painting and use to correct type of paint. I have paint peeling in the high touch areas which looks terrible. Unfortunately I’ve just been touching it up because we don’t have the money for the full kitchen redo and if we are going to redo it we want to do it right.

  5. I love the look right now but wonder if it will get dated really quickly?! My kitchen was redone by the previous owner in early 2000s. It was done in a honey-color and it already looks dated.

  6. I love the green color but be super cautious with painting your cabinets. We should have never painted ours. Within 6 months our cabinet paint was chipping around the knobs ‍♀️ We now wish that we had replaced the cabinets with new cabinet doors but kept the cabinet’s original framing.

  7. It’s very pretty and fresh looking. However, I would be concerned with it looking dated in a couple of years. You are going to see a lot of gray and other colored cabinets look very “2000s” just like the almond with oak trim cabinets scream 80’s and light oak screams 90’s. A classic white kitchen with marble counters is timeless for a reason.

  8. Yes, I did exactly that 18 months ago and I LOVE it! Green is nature’s neutral. My kitchen is painted with Sherwin Williams Softened Green.

  9. I’ve been thinking about painting my cabinets green or a grey-blue. Suggest you check out Em Henderson’s Portland house kitchen – lovely shade of green!

  10. Oh I would! I follow Emily A. Clark’s blog and her kitchen is green.

    I love her style as much as yours Ashley! emilyaclark.com

    I hope you and Ryan are doing well!


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