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A few weeks ago, I recorded a podcast with Jaclyn Johnson, the founder of Create & Cultivate and host of the Work Party Podcast. Today our episode is L-I-V-E!

When I got invitation to the Work Party Podcast (which, by the way, has over 1 million downloads!) to chat about budgeting, I immediately called my mom and dad. I knew, for them, this would be me peaking in my career. Ha! I talk about that a lot in our episode: how my parents were very strategic about how we chatted about money and money management growing up. And that all they have ever wanted for both my sister and I is to be good stewards of whatever we have, a lot or a little, and know how to manage it properly. Truly, as parents, I think this was one of their bigger triumphs. Budgeting was never a “have to”, it was always a “get to” “¦ and for that I am grateful. 

Listen to my episode here

I’ve used many programs as I’ve learned the mechanics of budgeting over the years, but You Need A Budget is by far the one we (Ryan and I) have loved the most. It’s the most intuitive program I’ve ever used and, I hate to say it, but really does make budgeting “fun”. I love the way everything syncs to your phone, so you are never left second-guessing yourself. For us, YNAB has been crucial in how we’ve managed our finances over the years. And by that, I mean kept us on track to reach our dreams (like saving for a new car, home renovations, vacations, paying off debt..etc..). We couldn’t be bigger fans of the program.

Try YNAB free for 34-days. No credit card required!

You Need A Budget YNAB YouTube Channel
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Plus the YNAB YouTube channel is AWESOME. After you watch a handful of videos, you’ll be sold. Not only are their videos entertaining, but they are so helpful. If you are new, start with this one

Listen to my episode here!

On the episode, Jaclyn and I cover everything from how to cut unnecessary spending, to budgeting with a partner, to reaching goals. Honestly, it’s just a really fun conversation about putting a name to every dollar and every goal! 

You Need A Budget YNAB YouTube Channel
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I hope you enjoy this episode of the Work Party Podcast!

Also, if you are still in need of a little inspiration, Ryan and I broke down how we budget here

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  1. I would like to read the podcast show notes as I’m hard of hearing and most of the time need closed captions or printed material. I went to the link you provided along with the website of workparty, I am unable to find anything in print. I’ll go read your older post with Ryan, instead. Thank you for being candid about money & budgeting.

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